Astrology: Everything You Need To Know About Your Horoscope

Discover why age-old astrology is making a huge comeback.
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For centuries, astrologers have been looking up at the night sky to track the movements of the stars and celestial bodies. It was a way for them to understand what was going on in their world. In today’s world, science and technology have advanced through leaps and bounds, but astrology remains—no longer as a technical tool, but sometimes as a hokey way of figuring life out. That said, people still subscribe to the stars because let’s face it, everyone needs all the help they can get in hashing things out.

The Elements

The 12 signs of the zodiac can be divided into many groupings, but one of the most popular way of categorizing them is through the four elements. These say a lot about the commonalities that exist among the signs.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Dynamic and upbeat, these charismatic personalities give the zodiac a burst of life and energy.

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Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
These grounded folks are rooted and practical. They have a good sense of the world around them.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Smart and quick-witted, these natural communicators have a natural curiosity that is constantly sparked.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Feelings rule these signs. They experience deep connections with others because of their empathy.

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Zodiac rundown: Every sign’s winning traits and ways to improve


Aries’ Winning Traits
Quick on their feet and always bursting with exciting news, Aries is the ultimate trailblazer. Their irrepressible energy has them constantly setting trends and inspiring with their verve.

Their original ideas push the envelope—whether it’s a genius YouTube channel like Casey Neistat or a brand new way to market makeup like Glossier’s Emily Weiss. Aries is can easily take leaps without a safety net. They show the world what it’s like to take risks and reap the rewards.

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Aries’ Points for Improvement
Prone to burnout and exhaustion, Aries needs to cultivate mindfulness so they’re able to tweak their pace. They would do well with breaks that involve a lot of relaxation. Not only does this help them manage their energy, it’ll also help tone down their aggressive and super competitive streak.

It’s important for these rams to figure out what they’re passionate about so they can channel all their dynamism into something with a purpose that they can see through.


Taurus’ Winning Traits
Taurus is known for stellar talent. It doesn’t matter what field they’re in—they’re good at whatever they get into. Their good-natured quality keeps them supportive of everyone around them too.

There isn’t a problem that Taurus can’t fix, or at least won’t attempt to. They see the world through a practical lens, which make them very caring realists who can offer valuable solutions. David Beckham mixes his athleticism with a knowhow and a specific kind of nurturing that enabled him to be a good captain on the football field.

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Taurus’ Points for Improvement
Famous for their jealous streak, Taurus needs to learn to look the green-eyed monster in the eye and face it. As caring as they are, they have a tough time with forgiveness and need to work on compassion to change this attitude. Taurus should realize that forgiveness doesn’t make you a doormat.

It’s important for Taurus to not stay stagnant for too long. These creatures of habit can revel in their physical and metaphorical comfort zones so much that they’re barely able to pull themselves out of it.


Gemini’s Winning Traits
Incredibly intelligent, Geminis are some of the most fascinating people in the zodiac to get to know. Their wit is incomparable—they can hatch a good comeback or retort like no one else can.

Their smarts also show the interesting way in which they see the world. Impressively analytical, they provide untapped solutions to problems, especially in the workplace. When they’re in the zone, their imaginations run wild, proving to everyone that they are the true originals.

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Gemini’s Points for Improvement
Flighty with a capital F, Gemini is famous for their scattered energy. They need to learn how to dial down the energy so they can achieve focus and stop getting distracted by everything that’s going through their busy minds.

The non-stop chatter of a Gemini can turn negative when they surround themselves with people who like to gossip. Geminis are masters at spinning their stories so much that they can manipulate the truth to work in their favor. They’re better off using their brains engaging in more intellectual pursuits! 


Cancer’s Winning Traits
There’s nothing like the care and attention that a Cancer gives. The most protective sign of the zodiac, people (and fur babies) in the company of Cancer receive nurturing like they’ve never felt before.

These creative creatures have a natural flow. It’s most likely because they’re so attuned to their emotions and the emotions of others. Their genius lies in their empathy—they can intuit someone’s feelings, sometimes even better than a person can. Think of Ariana Grande’s amazing ability to channel emotions in a song.

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Cancer’s Points for Improvement
Cancers have to take a moment and tune out of their hearts every so often. They take everything to heart so much that they can lose touch with everything that’s going on in the real world. No matter how good they are at figuring out what everyone else is feeling, sometimes a conversation is better than an assumption.

Because Cancer can be so overloaded with heavy emotions, they need a consistent declutter—both of their minds and of their physical space. All that emotional baggage needs to be thrown out.


Leo’s Winning Traits
No one can miss a true Leo. The signature showstopper of the zodiac, they’re impossible to ignore (think: Shawn Mendes and Barack Obama). Leos have so much charisma in them they want to share all the love.

Leo is so attuned with their heart and all the love that’s in it that they really can’t operate without a full sense of integrity and authenticity. They’ll defend their pack with all the bravery of a true lion. That’s not to say they take life too seriously. Leo always manages to inject everything with a sense of humor.

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Leo’s Points for Improvement
Leos are so used to holding the spotlight that they need to make room for others. Eating a little humble pie will do everyone a lot of good. Leo’s so gregarious they tend to forget that other people can be interesting too.

Not all Leos are natural performers, however. There can be a lot of introverted Leos too, and they would do well, to give themselves personal pep talks from time to time. They should remind themselves that they’ve got a terrific sense of fun—something that can help themselves (and everyone else) lighten up.


Virgo’s Winning Traits
How would the world operate without the watchful, perfectionist eye of Virgos? Probably not as efficiently as it could. Extremely smart and the most analytical of all signs, Virgo knows exactly how to make things work and work well.

Virgos love to help others better themselves. They don’t think twice about sharing their time and energy with others (and using their perfectionist skills to get everyone to improve). They also never flake on people—some of the trustworthiest folks in the zodiac, they are reliable 24/7.

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Virgo’s Points for Improvement
Because Virgos put up such a “perfect” front, they have trouble admitting they, too, can make mistakes. Virgos need to lighten up and realize that they can’t hit the ball out of the park all the time.

Another way Virgos can lighten up is to inject a little more fun into their routine. Do something out of the ordinary. Activities like these may not seem “fun” to Virgos initially, but if they can get over their resistance to spontaneity, they’ll discover that life doesn’t need to be taken too seriously.


Libra’s Winning Traits
Refined and civilized, Libras class up the zodiac and give everyone else a look and a lifestyle to aspire to. Even if they have a tough time dealing with people, Libra is just naturally sociable and charming.

The Scales are always a big deal for Libras. Physical spaces need to have just the right of amount of color and texture. On a much deeper level, relationships need to be fair and balanced. Mahatma Gandhi who stood for equal rights is a Libra. It’s important for them to keep the peace.

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Libra’s Points for Improvement
Because Libra’s always striving for fairness in the world, they can sometimes have an overly judgmental mindset where everyone and everything is being critiqued. Libras need to dial that quality down.

They can also take a lot of time making decisions because they give each option a lot (sometimes too much) of consideration. Libras would do well to be a little more decisive by trusting their instincts and going with whatever comes to mind first. Not everything needs to be a life or death decision.


Scorpio’s Winning Traits
No other sign is more attuned to their instincts that Scorpio. Their empathy is a boon because it helps them understand people off the bat, no matter what others are going through or where they’re coming from.

Even if they don’t take it upon themselves to inspire or empower others, Scorpios have a very magnetic quality to their personality that naturally uplifts those that surround them. Scorpios get a bad rap for being overly dark, but it’s this darkness that enables them to pull people out of the underworld and into the light.

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Scorpio’s Points for Improvement
When Scorpio has an issue they want to tackle they can dive too deep and become obsessive about it. It will serve them to learn how to cleanse their energy by pulling away from these issues via external tools (essential oils, rituals) or internal solutions (meditations that work on letting go).

Prone to grudges, Scorpios have a karmic responsibility to learn how to forgive others and more importantly, themselves. They need to know that they don’t have to exist in a dark place all the time.


Sagittarius’ Winning Traits
Adventure is Sagittarius’ middle name, and their fiery fervor is something that inspires everyone around them. A natural motivator, everyone’s mood lifts when they’re around you. It’s no wonder so many pop stars (Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus) are born under this sign.

Being open-minded comes naturally to Sagittarius, who realizes that the world is a huge place with room for everyone across different backgrounds. They have a natural curiosity about the world that makes them wise beyond their years.

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Sagittarius’ Points for Improvement
Because they’re so broad-minded, Sagittarius can come off as self-righteous to other people, especially when they get on their soapbox (everyone gets how smart Sagittarius is, they don’t need to rub it in everyone’s faces).

It’s important for Sagittarius to rein in their tendency to take huge leaps. Being adventurous is okay, but leaving everything behind to hop on a plane without any cash is another thing. They need to infuse their daring spirit with a little more planning, just to help them cover their bases.


Capricorn’s Winning Traits
Intelligent and practical, Capricorn knows how to set goals and make them happen. They know exactly how to take control of their lives and drive it to wherever they want it to go.

While Capricorns do experience distress, they normally face the world even in the most dire of circumstances with cool and calm. They are unwavering when they have targets to reach—which they actually always do. Masters at goal setting, it’s no surprise that Capricorns deliver straight As in life.

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Capricorn’s Points for Improvement
Capricorns would do well to develop a sense of humor. Being too fixated on goals can have them living life way too seriously, forgetting that it’s okay to enjoy themselves from time to time.

It’s also important for Capricorns to realize that their goals are not the be all and end all of their existence. You mess up sometimes and that’s okay. Sometimes, people get rejected no matter how hard you work on scoring that goal. They need to be open to possibilities that are out of their control.


Aquarius’ Winning Traits
Aquarius is smart and clever but doesn’t rub it in everyone’s face. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which makes them wonderful friends to hang out with.

They appreciate the fact that they’re a little different from everyone else—it’s never contrived or disingenuous. Their quirks help grow the compassion that comes so naturally to them. They have a calling to help other people out, perhaps springing from the fact that they understand the different spectrums existing in humanity.

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Aquarius’ Points for Improvement
As woke as Aquarius is, they sometimes don’t see the forest for the trees. Sure, they’re living a high vibe life—but if they can’t reconcile that with a deeper understanding of issues, then all the crusading can be very surface level.

It’s important for Aquarius to learn how to spend time alone. Sometimes they’re so inundated by whatever’s going on in the world that they forget to tune into themselves. It’s ironic that their awareness of the world can overpower their own self-awareness.


Pisces’ Winning Traits
Pisces doesn’t see the world and people for what they are—they see them for what they could be. Their strong sense of faith and spirituality enables them to help others unlock their potential.

They have the ability to rise above the mundane stuff that everyone else is concerned with and have a wider, zoomed out perspective of life. This allows them to gain a subtle of understanding of how everything is connected and how everything ticks. Is it any wonder that Albert Einstein was a Pisces?

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Pisces’ Points for Improvement
Pisces can be very sensitive and if they don’t find ways to express all the emotions they’re harboring, they can find themselves in distress. They need to use their affinity for the arts to channel all their feelings in a productive and meaningful way.

Because Pisces’ head is up in the clouds most of the time, they need a regular routine to keep their two feet on the ground. A productivity tool like a bullet journal or a Google calendar will help them reconnect with the real world. It’s important for them to check up on their To Do’s regularly so they don’t miss out.

The Planets

All these celestial bodies (not necessarily all actual planets) pass through the signs as the earth moves around the sun. Every planet rules a specific sign and affects its individual characteristics.

  • Sun
    The center of the universe, the Sun represents our ego—the part of ourselves that we put out into the world and pride ourselves by.
  • Moon
    Associated with darkness and mystery, the Moon represents the feelings we harbor deep in our subconscious and our intuition.
  • Mercury
    Information, communication and rational thought are ruled by Mercury. When it is retrograde (or looks like it’s moving backwards in the sky), confusion is said to rule.
  • Venus
    The planet of love and beauty, this planet represents the pleasures and delights we value in life. When Venus is retrograde, we are called to look back on love that’s past and how it affects us today.
  • Mars
    The planet that shares the name with the mythical god of war is competitive and courageous. It represents everyone’s aggressive energy that steps in in times of conflict.
  • Jupiter
    All about expansion, Jupiter encourages us all to be optimistic and have faith in our vision of the future. It’s all about expanding our lives and moving forward. With Jupiter Retrograde, it’s said people have difficulty putting one foot in front of the other as far as plans go.
  • Saturn
    Representing responsibility, Saturn is the planet that represents the lessons we need to learn in life. Someone’s Saturn Return represents the point in their lives where Saturn (the planet) makes a full revolution around the zodiac. It takes about 28 to 30 years—exactly the point in most people’s lives where they experience pivotal shifts.
  • Neptune
    Inspiring and magical, Neptune inspires us to do a deep dive into the subconscious realms. With Neptune Retrograde, we’re knocked out of our private dream worlds and shot straight back to reality.
  • Pluto
    The planet of rebirth and transformation, Pluto rules all the changes you want to make in your life—major shifts that reveal the secrets we bury deep in our souls.
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The Houses

The houses of astrology represent specific areas in one’s life. These are determined by the earth’s tilt and rotation.

  • First House
    Representing our personality and the way we express ourselves, it is the house of the Self.
  • Second House
    Symbolizing our finances and what we value, it is the house of Worth.
  • Third House
    Encapsulating everything about the way we learn and communicate, it is the house of Intellect.
  • Fourth House
    Representing our daily habits within our abode, it is the house of the Home.
  • Fifth House
    Covering pleasure, art, love and creativity, it is the house of Love.
  • Sixth House
    Symbolizing all the errands we have to do daily and on the job, it is the house of Work.
  • Seventh House
    Representing the relationships that fill our life, it is the house of Partnership.
  • Eighth House
    Our interactions and exchanges with people and how they change our lives are covered by this house of Transformation.
  • Ninth House
    Covering our ability to understand on a spiritual and philosophical scale, it is the house of Understanding.
  • Tenth House
    Symbolizing our reputation and ambition, this is the house of Status.
  • Eleventh House
    How we relate to community is represent by this house of Friendship.
  • Twelfth House
    Covering the parts of ourselves we don’t always put on display, it is the house of the Subconscious.
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The Wrap-Up: Your Natal Chart

To make sense of astrology beyond your typical horoscope, it is advisable to put together your natal chart. Finding out where the stars were in the sky precisely when and where you were born can help you map out the signs, planets and houses that are unique to you. All this information can be plugged together to create a baseline of your personality—something that can help you understand how you operate and move through the world.

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