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Being Praning Can Make You Smarter!

Always anxious? Listen up!
PHOTO: Chris Clinton

This is what happens to your body when you’re anxious: heart palpitations, rapid breathing, sweating, dizziness, nausea, butterflies in your stomach, and even diarrhea. Doesn’t sound pleasant, right? Well, it turns out, anxiety isn’t always bad.

1. Anxiety can improve your decision-making skills.

Apparently, people who aren’t anxious are prone to being more impulsive and less socially sensitive. They also have a higher disregard for their future.

2. Anxiety makes you more alert.

In situations like job interviews or tests, anxiety puts you on “ninja mode.” You become highly alert to threats. It makes you reliant on your natural instincts, which is why practice and preparation are important. When you’ve practiced, your instincts are more advantageous. 

3.  Anxiety makes you smarter!

According to The British Psychological Society, people who are more anxious score higher on intelligence tests. If you’re anxious, you dwell on the future and you obsess over all the possible scenarios. That kind of anticipation makes people avoid risks.

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4. Anxiety (and embarrassment) will make people trust you more.

People who are anxious feel more embarrassment. This can work to their advantage because people who are easily embarrassed are perceived to be easier to trust. 

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