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How To Deal With All The Nega People Around You

PHOTO: Nick Onken

Everybody vents. It's something we can't control or avoid. But we're sure you have that ONE friend who can't go a day without complaining about something. 

"Ang panget ng pagkain sa pantry."
"Ang haba naman ng pila!"
"My boss assigned too much work!"
"Ang bagal nila kumilos."
"Her perfume is too strong. Nakakahilo!"
The list goes on. Some people join in and add fuel to the fire. Misery loves company, right? This might work for a while, but sooner or later, you might find yourself feeling irritable for no good reason! Trust us, it's not worth it. 

Try these instead:

1. "That really sucks, but you handled it so well!"

Here, you're acknowledging the unfortunate situation, but also forcing that person to see the silver lining! 

2. "I'm sorry to hear that. Did something good come out of it?"

Empathy is always a good idea, but you don't want to let them go on and on about the shitty parts of the situation. That simple question will force them to reevaluate and see if they're overreacting or not. 


3. "How do you normally handle that?"

Asking people about their coping strategies will "automatically put people into problem-solving mode." Plus, we doubt people will actually say, "Oh, I just mope around and do nothing about it and hope that it gets better on its own." In a way, you're holding them accountable for what happens next.

4. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're mad because..."

Repeating their complaints back to them will let them feel heard. Once they feel validated, most people run out of steam.

5. "Is there anything I can do?"

Most people will just say, "No, it's okay." People who vent don't really need people to fix their problems. They just need to feel like they're reactions are valid. But when they tell you it's okay, use that opportunity to transition into another topic, thus ending the rant. 

Source: The Muse.

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