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How To Deal With Rejection

You feel like shit now, but things will get better.

Dealing with rejection is never easy, but it’s not something that cannot be done. It’s okay to be vulnerable and to cry about it. We are only human after all, and the pain we feel is part of who we are.

So chin up, CGs. Here are a few tips on how to get back on your feet:

1. Don’t look back.
There’s nothing left for you there. Looking back will only add to your pain. It might take a while for you to accept, but eventually you have to force yourself to move on. Being stuck in the past will only get in the way of your healing. 

2. Surround yourself with people who love you.
You are not alone. Romantic love isn’t the only kind of love out there, and it's definitely not the most important. You have family and friends, who are constantly there for you. They will always remind you that you are worth it. Listen to them.


3. Let go of the person who rejected you.
There is no point in holding on to someone who no longer wants or loves you. You can’t force someone to be part of your life if he no longer wants to be in it. Don't make yourself small for someone who doesn't realize how special you are.

4. Schedule some 'me time.'
Use this time to find yourself. Disconnect yourself from the rest of the world and just focus on you. Reflect on your life and learn from your mistakes. Pray. Laugh. Eat. Cry. Do whatever you have to do to feel better.

5. Smile.
Even if it seems like your world is falling apart and you feel like your heart is being ripped out of your chest, force yourself to smile. It may not be genuine at first, but it will make you feel a little bit better. Eventually one day you'll wake up and realize that you don't have to fake it anymore because you're actually okay. Trust us, it will get better.

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