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Instagram Tricks From Our Favorite Accounts

Obsessed with your grid and want your posts to be double-tap worthy? We're taking our cue from these Insta-pros.

We know how obsessive one can get when posting on Instagram. And while we don't recommend getting too serious about this social network (C'mon, it's Instagram; it should be fun!), we understand why you would want your posts to look nice and double-tap worthy. So browsing through our favorite feeds, we came up with simple tips to help you with your own!

1. Thoughtfully placed props never hurt nobody. 

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If you've got a bunch of flowers lying around, why not use them to frame your latest book purchase? Doesn't this photo look pretty?

2. Who says you need to wear the clothes to tag your #OOTD?

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Some of the best outfits we've seen on Instagram are laid out.

3. Go for an interesting background. 

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This "marble" table top isn't actually marble. *gasp* Don't believe us? Check out A Pair and A Spare's amazing how-to on her blog and you'll totally have fun taking photos of your accesories of the day on your own "marble" table top.

4. Shadows are not always a bad thing. 

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Sometimes, you won't even need filters to make the photo extra dramatic!

5. Look down. 

Sometimes, it's an interesting view, too. (Check out the hashtag #ihavethisthingwithfloors!)


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