Sacrifices You've Probably Made For The Perfect Instagram Post

You have to take the same picture 48 times to get The One.
PHOTO: Pixabay

1. You take the same picture 40 times to get the exact right angle/light/composition.

 Even worse, you make your friends take 40 times the same picture of you and they secretly hate you for it. The perfect shot is worth it and you're not sorry.

2. You wait in crazy lines for pretty foods and/or food hybrids. 

There's not a lot you wouldn't do for a cronut, a rainbow bagel, or a macaron ice-cream sandwich. Like, trekking across town, waiting for 45 minutes in the blazing heat, and spending P300 on a tiny pastry that tastes nowhere near as good as it looks. #DoItForTheInsta is a true story based on your life.

3. You make your friends wait 10 minutes to start eating. 

There's never more tension between you and your squad than when you're all hangry but also you need that brunch 'gram.

4. You text your friends "which one do I post?" and 3 options,

even though you've already decided and you're really only asking for positive reinforcement.

5. You hold your coffee cup in a really uncomfortable position. 

Focusing on the cup while showing off both your nail polish and the pretty backdrop is something of an art form.

6. You make strangers your personal photographers. 

 "Actually, could you try that vertical?"

7. You pester your BFF for last night's pics. 

 Seriously, how long does it take to select and send??

8. You pester your mom for #tbt pics. 

 Preferably before Thursday, although you're not opposed to a little #fbf action.

9. You have, like, 8 editing apps. 

VSCO is great for lighting, but PicShop has your back when you need to hide that zit. You also have Whitagram and 3 photo shaping apps from when you thought heart-shaped pics were acceptable to post.

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10. You hit saturation till your thumb hurts. 

Your feed is bright green and pink and blue. And beautiful.

11. You delete pics that didn't fit your aesthetic. 

Everyone knows you pick a filter and you stick to it, or you don't use a filter at all. Everyone knows that... right?

12. You wait till 9 a.m. or 5 p.m. to post. 

 Also you google "best times to post on Instagram," because strategy.

13. You refresh your post frantically and watch the likes rack up. 

At least the latest update made the 11-like threshold one less thing to worry about. #blessed

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