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It's Okay To Cheat Sometimes (On My Diet)

KV comes up with ways to indulge on her favorite food--minus the guilt.

Don't you just hate it when you've done your best to lose weight (by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly) and you still can't seem to shed off those last few pounds? I find this weight-loss plateau absolutely frustrating! There comes a point when I feel like I'd be willing to try anything, just to kick-start a weight loss regimen—which is the hardest, mind you.[readmore]

You've probably heard about all these fad diets—South Beach, Atkins, Eat Right for Your Blood Type, Cabbage Soup Diet, Lemonade Diet; these are just a few of the popular ones. However, when I asked Dr. Sanirose Orbeta, Consulting Clinical and Sports Nutritionist from the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, about them, she remarked, "These diets are unacceptable. The Atkins' New Diet Revolution, South Beach Diet, Protein Power, Eat Right for Your Type, Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, Sugar Buster, and Peanut Butter Diet are all wrong for your body. How can your blood type determine what you should eat? That's just as accurate as a horoscope!"

Following a healthy and balanced diet doesn't necessarily mean we can't enjoy eating anymore. It's all in the preparation. Since I'm not much of a veggie eater, I try preparing different types of salads with them, making sure to go easy on the dressing. If I can't resist it, I go with a vinegar- or lemon-based one. Then I reward myself with cheat days once in a while, which is especially helpful when I can't seem to let go of desserts.

I find that since I still get to eat what I want once in a while, I don't feel deprived and there's less chance of falling off my weight loss regimen. For instance, when I really can't stop myself from having a slice of cake or a cream-filled doughnut, I usually have them in the morning. My thinking is, I'll have the rest of the day to burn the extra calories and sugar anyway.

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