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ATTN: This Is How You Manifest *Whatever* You Want In Your Life

Get it, girl!
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I've always thought that everything in the world, the universe rather, is made up of energy and vibrations. Everything is connected, and some are linked by an ~invisible string~. (Cue "Folklore" album by Taylor Swift.) That said, I strongly believe that we can ask what we want. We can act as magnets that attract our goals, whether it be money, a particular job, project, or maybe even love. But, manifesting is not just about having a checklist of what you want. It's also not in any way instant!

According to Lisa Stardust, Cosmo US Council and astrologer, "manifestation is essentially about asking the universe for what you want, understanding that it’s on its way, and being open to receiving it." In a nutshell, it's asking for a specific thing, waiting for it to come, and being ready to have it in your life.

How do you manifest something?

  1. Be specific.

    I watched a video on manifesting, and the law of attraction coach compared it to ordering a drink at Starbucks. You can't just say you want a drink to the barista. She can give you whatever she assumes you may want: chai, cafe latte, iced mocha. But, if you tell her that you need a tall Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with a pump of white mocha sauce and mocha sauce, she'll give you that specific drink.

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    So, think of the universe as the barista. You have to be exact with what you're asking for, For example, you're aiming to be assigned on the project with your idol, you have to tell yourself and the Universe this: I want to be the project manager of the campaign that features [insert name] by the third quarter of 2021.

  2. Start believing what you're manifesting is real.

    Life coaches and law of attraction coaches always say that our thoughts create our feelings, and feelings trigger action. When you manifest, believe that you already received what you desire.

    If you want to buy a new car, think and feel the same way when you already have money to buy a new car. Try to get into that mindset. Act as if what you're asking for is already in your life. Align your vibrations with what you want

  3. Have an abundance mindset.

    It's also important to have an abundance mindset when manifesting. Remember that the universe always responds with a "yes." Be careful with what you say to yourself. Your phrasing shouldn't be in a negative context. Do positive affirmations! For example:

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    Incorrect: I don't have a boyfriend.

    Correct: The man for me is sweet, loving, loyal, and kind.

  4. Stop feeling jealous.

    When you begin to feel jealous because someone you know has the things you are asking for. Try to feel joy and excitement that you'll have what the other person has in the near future. Get into the same level of abundant energy. Being envious of others is a form of scarcity mindset: You subconsciously think there aren't enough blessings in this world for you to enjoy. 

  5. Accept what you currently have.

    You have to accept what you currently have before you can imagine yourself with your life goal. If you keep on focusing that you lack something, you couldn't move forward! For example, if you want to get in shape, start with:

    I have a body. It's healthy and strong. (Notice that nothing about your size is mentioned.)

    Eventually, you'll get to:

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    My body loves working out.


    My muscles are showing. My body is stronger than before.

  6. Remember that it also takes work.

    Okay, the universe isn't out here to take orders from you. You should put in the hard work, too. Since you have mastered controlling your thoughts and feelings, your actions would naturally follow. You're more motivated to achieve your goals.

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