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Learn How To Empathize More

No matter how hard we try, sometimes we just can't seem to find the right words to say. Follow these tips to know how to help a friend in crisis.

1. To relate to what a pal is going through, think back to a similar situation you were in. Example: If she’s frustrated about finding a guy, recall the worries you had when looking for a job.

2. The more info you take in, the more your brain has to screen out. So, using your cell and email 24/7 hampers your ability to read people. Shut it all off sometimes to tune in to others.

3. Once you’re a pro at IDing your own emotions, you can better sense what friends are experiencing. Twice a day, consider what you feel at that moment (relaxation, anger) and why.

Sources: Psychiatrist Edward Hallowell, Author of Crazy Busy and Psychologist Yvonne Thomas, PHD

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