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Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Leo

Meet Leo, the charisma queens of the zodiac.
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July 22 to August 22

Symbol: The Lion

Ruling Planet: Sun

Best Love Match: Scorpio

Famous Leo: Lucille Ball

Leos are pretty hard to miss. They aren’t afraid to occupy space wherever they’re at—it’s because their fiery personalities, heart-centered passion, and domineering emotions are impossible to contain. They put their heart in everything they do, and demand just as much respect and care as they dole out from the people they love.

At work, no one commits like a Leo.

If a startup needs someone on the team from grassroots to venture capital success… If a political party needs a scrappy volunteer to canvass and see a candidate through election period… Leo’s the best bet. If “in sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part” had to be part of every employee’s contract, Leo would sign, seal and deliver, no questions asked. Extremely faithful and committed to the group, they’ll clock in the hours, do the dirty work, and pour their hearts into every second of it.


It’s no surprise then that Leos will shoot straight up the corporate ladder in no time. More likely to be top-level executives rather than board members who come in once in a blue moon, these authoritative figures can hold a team together and deliver results that impress everyone.

It’s best to give Leos a clear path to work with, whether it comes to menial tasks they need to tick off their To Do list, or mapping out actual strategies that will affect the entire company. 

In love, Leos are extra.

In a relationship, you can expect Leo to lay everything on the line. Want gifts? They’ll shower you with them. Want passion and a dizzying sex life? You got it. Leos will support you in all your endeavors (even the ones that have them scratching their heads in confusion) and is a master at pulling off grandiose and overt declarations of love and affection. The trade off is that they’re probably expecting the same level of hype given back to them.

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All Leo really wants is a bit of attention, and some stroking of the ego. Beneath all their flair, they’re as needy as the next person and need a bit of wooing to win over. This is evident when Leo’s just beginning to date someone new—it’s almost as if the person they’re seeing is on audition and needs to pass their criteria.

Leos have pride issues and probably have the most trouble with rejection than all the other signs put together. Breakups need to be mutual for them to keep the peace. If need be, pander to this side of their personality just to keep things affable.

Leo stands by their friends, no ifs or buts.

While Leos may cause tension at work or in the love department, more often than not they’re pleasant and great to have as friends. This is because their heart-centered nature is the perfect foundation on which to build a friendship on. Leo will show up for you at 3 a.m. when you can’t handle a hangover and need a ride home. Leo is there on the daily to check in on you and surprise you with random text messages. They long to belong and because of this, will infuse your friendship with deep, sincere love.


True friends of Leo can understand their need to take center stage and be the life of the party 24/7, but those with similar inclinations can have trouble understanding why Leo needs to rule all the time. It may not serve anyone well to start up a fight with Leo, much less a who’s-the-bigger-star contest. When provoked, Leo’s egocentric qualities can go overboard—they may think (and actually believe) that everything is and will always be about them.

With family, Leo is prone to sibling rivalry.

An only child Leo won’t have any trouble battling it out for their parents’ attention, but give them a brother, sister or more, and expect some tension to arise. Leo likes to make their presence felt, whether it’s with major family decisions or who gets the last cookie in the cookie jar. 

Leo truly believes that the family is made better because they’re around. Their confidence is amusing and awe-inspiring when they’re children growing up, Unfortunately, this can also be a huge pill to swallow when they’re older and haven’t realized that there are other star players worthy of attention in the family.


While they can be overly demanding and confrontational, trust that Leos are only doing it because they’ve got a lot to give and sometimes don’t know exactly how to channel it. Give them the respect they deserve and they’ll offer you more encouragement and support than you ever thought was possible.

In health, Leo needs a lot of cardio.

As they’re ruled by the heart, Leos need to literally make sure that their hearts are in proper working order. Get it up to top speed by clocking in some time at the treadmill, and slow it down with a proper cool down. Leos will do well working with a coach or someone who can keep an eye on their endurance.

Leos are also ruled by the Sun and could use a lot of outdoor exposure. Whether it’s a morning run to meet the sunrise, a relaxing day just laying out on the sand, or a gym with a spectacular view of the sunset, Leos could benefit from connecting to the heat and warmth and revitalizing energy of the Sun.


Because their emotions are always so strong and volatile, emotional healing is also key for Leos to keep their mental health intact. Activities like meditation and art therapy are great ways to level out emotional imbalances.

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