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Looking For Daily Inspiration? Follow These Blogs!

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For travel: Nicole Villaluz (

Nicole Villaluz, the girl behind The Stillness in Moving, calls herself a “wayfaring soul.” Her blog documents her travels in the country and outside of it, coupled with inviting pictures that’ll make you wish you were traveling with her. Unlike other travel blogs that merely tell you where to go and how to stretch your budget, Nicole’s blog also acts as a diary of her reflections about herself and her experiences. One look at this blog and you’ll surely be overcome with wanderlust.

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For DIY: Elsie and Emma Larson (

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Sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman are the queens of DIY, and for good reason. Their blog is a gold mine of DIY projects: home makeovers, accessories, and recipes, all accompanied with pretty pictures and detailed instructions! A Beautiful Mess is a great source of inspiration for your next DIY project or for finding a new hobby. We dare you not to fall in love with their blog posts and wish that you can live in their studios.   

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