Make Over Your Life Activity: Find This Year's Cosmo Bachelors

Amie's surrounded by men, men, men as she helps the Cosmo team pick out this year's hottest 69. She tells you all about it.

Admit it. Most of you, my fellow Cosmo chicks, look forward to the September issue for one reason: Cosmo Men. I am a big fan of this yearly treat myself. What's not to love about a magazine supplement with page after page of half-naked men, gorgeous in many different ways? Last year, I squealed in excitement when I found out that I won invites to the Bachelor Bash. I felt like the luckiest Cosmo girl on the planet! So imagine how thrilled I was when I got invited to join the Cosmo team at this year's Bachelor Go-See, as one of my "activities" for the Make Over Your Life campaign. Want to know how this year's 69 hottest hunks made it to your most anticipated Cosmo September issue? Read on and let me spill the juicy details.

As soon as I arrived at the go-see venue at Orosa Atrium in Robinsons Ermita, I looked around and noticed so many cute guys crowded in one place. I made my way through what seemed like a sea of men and joined the Cosmo panel, seated at a long table right in front of the stage.

Each candidate had to go up and walk down the ramp. I had my shot at announcing each of their assigned numbers, then asking each of them to walk forward, pose, and then go to a photo wall to have their picture taken. I felt a little conscious because it was like most of them were looking straight at me as they walked forward, probably because I was at the center of the panel, holding the microphone. Cosmo's associate art director Paula Pangan noticed it and whispered, "Sa'yo sila nakatingin!"

"Oo nga, nakakaloka!" I exclaimed, forgetting that I was still holding the microphone!

Then, I joined caster Andrew Paredes and other members of the Cosmo team in the screening room--a small, dimly-lit tent backstage--for a short interview and briefing. Before the interview, each of the bachelors had to fill out an application form. But unlike the usual forms we usually accomplish when applying for a job, this one had questions like, "What turns you on?" or "What's your most mind-blowing sex trick?" The interview was meant to clarify any blank spaces in the form. I had the chance to ask them questions, and in some instances, I had to awkwardly translate some in Tagalog.

"Okay lang ba sa'yo na babae ang gumawa ng first move?"
"Ano ang madalas na pinagpapantasyahan mo?"
"Ano ang pinakamasarap na ginawa mo sa kama?"
"Kiss sa first date—sexy o pokpok?"

I also had to brief some of them. No, I did not ask them to strip down to their briefs. (Yes, there's stripping involved, and we'll get to that later.) I had to give each one of them a background on the Cosmo Men supplement and inform them that they will most likely have to take their shirts off when Cosmo shoots them for the Bachelor supplement. This is followed by the question "Can we take a photo of you without your shirt on now?"

I tried hard not to giggle like a boy-crazy schoolgirl as each candidate took his shirt off on cue, revealing pecs, biceps, abs, obliques, and all the other parts essential to a Cosmo hunk. I think I failed at first, but after around a dozen hunks, I think I finally got used to delivering the spiel "Please take your shirt off" with a straight face. I was also able to not look affected by the sight of their half-naked bodies, seductive stares, and cute smiles as I took their photos. And yes, some of them did flirt with us a little.

My final task for the day was selecting a handful of guys from the waiting area to be interviewed on cam for The Cosmo web team instructed me to make the interviewees as diverse as possible—from the jeans-and-shirt-wearing, boy-next-door type to cute yuppies, from young to mature, from local to foreign. They had already interviewed almost all of the previous candidates, so I just had to select a few more for the last couple of hours. Like a hunter in the forest, I scanned the area, picked a target, and went for the kill. It was a bit daunting to approach each guy and ask them to come with me for a video interview, but this time, I was more enthusiastic and confident when I asked them questions like, "What's the craziest place you've had sex?" or "What's your sexiest fantasy?"

Eventually, we were down to our last candidate, and then we called it a day. I didn't realize how exhausted I was until I got home that night. Still, I felt lucky to have been part of the go-see. Eye candy overdose aside, it made me appreciate all the hard work the Cosmo team puts in, just to give us Cosmo readers the hottest hunks to drool over every September. I can only imagine how much tougher it was for them to select only 69 bachelors from hundreds of guys who tried out, then do the shoots and everything else that goes on in between the day of the first go-see and the day the issue hits the stands.

On a personal note, let me confess that hot guys intimidate me. I can talk to them just fine, but when I do, I feel like I'm not myself; I become a little self-conscious or insecure, perhaps. But that day, I didn't feel any of that. Besides, I knew that they were there to impress us, not the other way around. Asking dozens of strangers all those juicy questions taught me how to be more straightforward and confident around men.

Now wasn't that quite a makeover?

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