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'Ano ang *manifesting*? Iba ba 'yon sa pag-set ng goals?'

Q: I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I follow a lot of inspirational accounts and pages to keep me motivated at work and one word keeps popping up lately: "manifesting." I Googled what it means pero parang confusing pa rin siya para sa'kin 'cause isn't it just setting your goals? Anong pinagkaiba nitong concepts na 'to


More and more people have been talking about wanting to ~manifest~ their dreams—and it's not just limited to what you want your career to look like. Still, if it's something you want to learn for your professional goals, Cosmopolitan asked entrepreneur Ayn Bernos, who's a huuuge fan of this practice, about how "manifesting" has helped her. 

What is "manifesting"?

We understand why some people are confused but to put it simply, "manifesting" is a step higher than just setting a goal. "When you set a goal, you write it down and you try to achieve it," Ayn began, [but with manifesting], "it's claiming that you're gonna achieve something and you truly believe it. Your actions follow that. Your actions are working towards that. But in your heart, you also strongly believe that this is possible. This is doable. And you are going to make it happen, without a doubt."

The head of her own brand called Morena the Label, Ayn shared that she's manifested a lot of her career successes and it all began at a young age. "For example, when I was working for my first job, I was right out of college. And I was a copywriter. I was a fresh grad. Every morning, I would walk from the MRT station to my office and during that walk, I would see a huge store window and I would [look at] myself. Every morning, I would tell myself, 'I am not an employee. I'm the CEO.' And it was so funny [to think] that at 21, with my backpack, being all sweaty. But I truly believed it!"

"I just knew that my life, eventually, would lead me there."

She added, "It wasn't a concrete goal at the moment. I didn't have a business plan. I just knew that my life, eventually, would lead me there. In my mind, I was gonna make it happen. So when the opportunity presented itself, I was ready to say yes because I've always been thinking about this.

"When I had the opportunity to start my own business, I really started small, started from my bedroom. I did all of the work by myself. I didn't have anybody, but I knew that this is what I wanted. I also recognized that this was the first step. I did the first step until eventually, it became a reality."

Ready to start manifesting? Check out this mini guide on how to do it. 

Learn more about manifesting by watching the video below.

Ayn Bernos is the entrepreneur behind Morena the Label, a brand that celebrates sun-kissed skin and challenges colorism. She is passionate about women empowerment, skin color positivity, and self-development. Connect with Ayn on InstagramTikTok, or Youtube.

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