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'I Peed In A Cup While Driving Along C5'

Plus other Manila traffic (horror) stories we know too well.
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As if having to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn isn't bad enough, we also have to endure hours of traffic going to and going home from work. So we asked Cosmo readers for some of their worst traffic experiences—you'll definitely be able to relate to these:

"Two years ago, I had to pee in a cup WHILE driving. I had Jamba Juice before leaving BGC, and it was an unusually bad day for traffic along C5. I don't remember how long I was driving for, but when the urge to pee comes, ten minutes is already torture. I was in the middle of the flyover going to Libis (no pit stops in sight), so I did the next best thing: I peed in the cup I was drinking from. Thankfully, I was wearing a skirt that day 'cause pants would have been the death of me. Btw, no spillage!" Danica, 22


"My siblings and I were going home from my then-girlfriend's house in the South when my allergies started acting up. As soon as we hit EDSA... wall-to-wall stall! And of course, I needed to shit so badly. I forced my way to a gas station and ran out of the car. After taking a shit, again, in a gas station, I realized there was no tabo or tissue there. I swallowed my pride and yelled at my brother to buy me some. Ugh." Ryan, 27

"What I hate most about Manila traffic is how unpredictable everything is! Those random road closures they have in EDSA Cubao are ANNOYING. When you come out and you don't know na sarado pala so you end up crawling in the bus lane. And they also did that near the Pioneer exit from EDSA South bound, so I had to go around JP Rizal and come out of North bound just to get to the office. It happens too often!" Pamela, 27


"My friend and I were going home from Fort around 3:00 am, and we were heading toward the flyover that either leads to Greenhills or continues on to EDSA. We chose to pass EDSA na lang. As soon as we started making our way up, we saw the standstill. This was especially annoying because we knew all the other roads were fine. Apparently, at the end of the flyover, a bus had tipped over and covered the entire exit. People were dancing outside their cars and walking around. We were stuck for 15 minutes or so, before we decided to counterflow EDSA to go to Greenhills." Enzo, 26


"Picture this: Friday. Payday. Pouring rain. I was stuck somewhere in EDSA. I wasn't paying attention too much, just listening to music and waiting for the car in front of me to move, when I felt something wet. Water had gotten into my car! I didn't realize the rain had gotten so bad and that I was actually sitting in the middle of a flood. I grabbed an empty cup and started scooping water out! It was a nightmare, and I had no choice but to endure it." Maxine, 23

"My cousin and I were on our way home from a whole day of girl talk and shopping. It was supposed to be a good day. We were only 15 minutes away from the house when all of a sudden, my stomach felt funny. It didn't even creep up on me—it was out of nowhere and all at once! I had to shit, and there was no gas station or fast food place nearby. She started feeling it, too. I asked her, "Ano bang kinain natin?" We had something cheesy for lunch, milk tea for merienda, and hot wings for dinner. WORST COMBO EVER! Out of nowhere, I just started screaming, "I'm not gonna make it! I'M NOT GONNA MAKE IT!" I jumped in the back to shit in a paper bag. I wanted to die. At least she made it home." Lourdes, 25 


"I was sitting in my car, stuck in La Salle traffic on a Wednesday. It was dismissal time. One car tried to force his way, even though it was clear there was no room. The driver ended up hitting the car next to me. I didn't expect this to happen, but the drivers got into a heated argument AND STARTED SWINGING AT EACH OTHER. I was literally just watching two men go at each other. They weren't very much aware of what was going on around them, but one guy was so angry, he accidentally punched my side mirror. I did not know what to do. I didn't want to get in between two angry guys, especially these days when people get shot for nothing. It was horrible. I couldn't stop shaking." Marissa, 24

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