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10 Types Of People You Meet At Hostels

Do these ring a bell?
PHOTO: Nick Onken

1. The Philosopher

We’re sure you’ve talked to that dude who’s all about the true meaning of life, and won’t let you go to bed because he can’t shut up about his spiritual awakening. This is especially frustrating when all you want to talk about is your favorite loveteam or the new Beauty and the Beast trailer. Still, namaste

2. The Bros

“Sup, bro?” “Bro, kain tayo.” “Bro, san ka nagtratrabaho?” “Bro, you done with that?” “Bro, you feel like grabbing a beer?” “Bro, surf tayo.” It's like being in a fraternity you never wanted to be a part of. ENOUGH. 

3. The Phone Addict

We’re not going to lie—we love selfies just as much as the next person, but after 57 shots of your ~*fabulous*~ face, it might be time to put your phone away to enjoy the view (and the company). If this is you, your Facebook feed will still be there in a few hours, but you’re only on vacation mode for a few days.

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4. The Bookworm

After back-to-back activities, cracking a book and chilling with a cold beer is the perfect way to wind down for the day. For some reason, bookworms at hostels are always reading Dan Brown though—what’s up with that?

5. The Globetrotter

When this person’s around, it’s impossible to mention a country that he or she hasn’t stepped foot on—and it always sounds like bullshit, so it can be tempting to invent a place just to test that theory. Secretly, you probably want to be this person ‘cause #travelgoals, am I right?

6. The Volunteer

Nothing will make you feel worse of a person than the do-gooders you meet at hostels. You know, the people who’ve given up comfort and stability to help the less fortunate. Meanwhile, you were just complaining about the heat and humidity.

7. The Guitarist

There’s always that one guy who looks like he’s about to break into song, or who’s always just strumming his guitar in the background… even when you’re directly talking to him. Separation anxiety is real, folks.

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8. The Family

We don’t want to sound like assholes, but when you have four children with you, there’s always Airbnb. Nothing is more annoying than being asked to keep it down at 8 pm or to censor your words because “it’s inappropriate to swear in front of kids.”  

9. The First-Timer

“Actually, first time ko mag-stay sa hostel.” Oh, boy. Doe-eyed and eager, this person might be the best type you’ll meet because they tend to be more considerate and accommodating. Welcome this babe with open arms.

10. The Complete Mess

Beer cans, used tissue, food wrappers—ugh, there’s always that one person who’s incapable of cleaning up after himself/herself. It’s like they forgot they weren’t back home.

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