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Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Pisces

Meet Pisces, the visionary of the zodiac.
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February 19 to March 20

Symbol: The Fish

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Best Love Match: Cancer

Famous Pisces: Michelangelo

Pisces knows there’s more to life than whatever is in the physical world and in plain sight. Highly sensitive, they have a deep affinity for the arts—they find that music, painting, whatever medium they love, raises their vibe and connects them to divinity. Emotions reign supreme among Pisces, which makes them extremely vulnerable.

At work, Pisces is an effective pinch-hitter.

Pisces know how to swim in any situation, which is why they often find themselves coming into projects, work environments, and even teams that need some saving. They are able to deliver solutions in an instant and can hold together the people they work with so that nobody deep dives into an anxiety attack while things are being worked on. Pisces puts others first for the greater good, but doing this one too many times can be dangerous as it can lead to grudges and resentment.

Since Pisces is often relegated to emergency situations, they’re not often thought of as heading a team or leading a corporation. Given the chance to be on top of things rather than coming in to solve a crisis, Pisces displays adeptness with handling money and making solid, long-term projections about the future.

Pisces most valuable quality is their flexibility. Given enough time and preparation, they make great decision-makers who are able to view situations from different standpoints. Their intuition and empathic abilities give them a good sense of timing, allowing them to pull good deals that no one else could have winged.


In love, Pisces is self-sacrificing.

When they’re devoted to someone, Pisces will give a relationship their all—and more. They’ll put their partner first, making sure their significant other lives without having to jump through hurdles or through loops. This self-effacing quality can backfire when Pisces finds themselves hooking up with an unworthy partner. Their generosity of self can often turn into feeling taken advantage of. When they don’t experience their love reciprocated 100 percent, resentment can often build up. Sometimes, this catches their partner off-guard—the switcheroo between a loving partner and a ball of bitterness when things get rough can be off-putting!

Betrayal is Pisces’ biggest waterloo. It only makes sense as they pour so much of themselves into their romantic relationships. Forgiveness is a challenge, especially when so much wounding accompanies their excess baggage.

It can be tough for a closed-up Pisces to open themselves up again. But when they do find a partner who can inspire vulnerability again, the love they dish out will be worth it.

In friendship, Pisces will share everything with you.

If you’ve got a Pisces friend, chances are you’ll find them in every important high and low milestone of your life. Pisces is the patient friend who’ll listen to all the sob stories, the one who’ll show up holding their friend’s hand right before a first date, a wedding, a funeral, or childbirth. Pisces values their friendships so much, they won’t think twice about giving their all. Because they give so much of themselves in their friendships, they do tend to keep a small circle of super close pals.

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Typically very private, Pisces won’t mind the verbal diarrhea coming from a friend, but will want some privacy for themselves. Getting the full story out of a Pisces when they’re not prepared to engage is like squeezing water from a stone. Because of their extreme sensitivity, Pisces do carry a lot of emotional turmoil inside them—having friends who are patient enough to ride their ebbs and flows out with them is key.

Pisces is protective of family.

No matter what their birth order is, Pisces will look after family like they’re the oldest child or even a parent, for that matter. They’re able to spot when a sibling needs a little extra TLC and they won’t hesitate to show up for them right away. As concerned as Pisces is about everyone in the family, their protective nature is low-key rather than aggressive. They prefer quiet conversations with anyone who needs them rather than full-blown confrontations with the entire family present.

Pisces can harbor a lot of hurts and it may surprise most of their family to know that they’ve got a lot of baggage from the past. Issues that others may have probably forgotten can linger with a Pisces long after everything’s been said and done.

Because Pisces spends a lot of their energy caring for others, they do deserve a lot of care and attention too. They are appreciative of kind and considerate gestures from folks in the family—a little goes a long way.


In health, Pisces needs to get in touch with their body.

Pisces spends so much time in their heads and their hearts that they can feel very disconnected from the physical realm. It’s healthy for them to channel all the emotions they carry in a more real world sphere, so anything that’s cooped up and repressed can be expressed in a healthy way. As “the fish” of the zodiac, Pisces will benefit from water-based activities—swimming and surfing are just some water-based activities that can help get their hearts pumping without hurting their joints.

Because Pisces is so in touch with their feelings and often absorb what others carry too, it is important for them to take preventative steps against depression. Meditation can help alleviate the ills of anxiety and mental stress and give Pisces ways to cope with all they carry.

While Pisces loves to escape the world through their imagination, it’s important for them to remain grounded and in touch with reality.

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