Resume Dos and Donts's newest handbook has pointers perfect for every Cosmo career girl.

Make sure you have a rockin' resume when applying for that dream job! We're sharing what we read on's handbookJumpstart Your Career, for some useful things every Cosmo career girl should keep in mind.

Remember: most of the time, an employer’s first impression of you is your resume, so don’t take it for granted and make it count


  • Keep it short. One to two pages will do.
  • Tailor your resume to suit the job you’re applying for.
  • Get another person to read your CV for spelling, grammar, and typographical errors you might have missed.
  • Use bullet points and strong, clever words to catch the attention of your recruiter.
  • Mention that a list of references is available upon request. This way, your future employers know that they can easily call someone if they’d like to do a background check.


  • Use an unprofessional e-mail address (ex.
  • Use fonts that are distracting or too small in size. If you do, you’ll just tempt the reader to skip to the next applicant's resume.
  • Submit a photo if it’s not required to avoid partiality.
  • List the number of a reference without asking his or her permission first. If they’re caught off guard, it might work against you.
  • Clog someone’s inbox with a heavy attachment. Make sure the files you send are less than 1MB in size.
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