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Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Sagittarius

Meet Sagittarius, the eternal optimist of the zodiac.
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November 21 to December 21

Symbol: The Archer

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Best Love Match: Gemini

Famous Sagittarius: Bruce Lee

Sagittarius can never be fazed. No matter what they’ve been through, they prance through life aiming high and positive—probably because they’ve been lucky enough to have fortune favor them for most of their life. Idealists and believers in human potential, their bravery inspires them to shoot for the stars.

At work, Sagittarius is an independent worker.

Like a high performance temp, you can expect Sagittarius to commit fully to a task that’s given to them. They’ll dedicate themselves and pour their heart into whatever it is they have to do. They know, however, that this is probably not going to last long, and the minute they feel the itch to hop over to another job or to finally fulfill their lifelong dream to backpack through Southeast Asia, you can bid them a permanent goodbye. Work is simply a part of a bigger journey or path they’re on.

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This is why Sagittarius is better suited as a contractor or someone hired on a per project basis. They’re too easily distracted by the call of the wild than to be saddled with heavy responsibility on the job.

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Not exactly the best listeners, they are prone to skimming detailed instructions and drift off during longer-than-usual training sessions. Sagittarius will do things their way but, as luck would have it, will probably do a stellar job anyway.

In love, Sagittarius is perennially giddy.

If there’s one zodiac sign that embodies what it feels like to be in the honeymoon stage of a relationship, it’s Sagittarius. They love the initial thrill of an infatuation, the we-just-got-together glow that comes with a new relationship. They live for firsts—road trips, spontaneous mini-breaks, and dates that look good and quirky enough to be part of a rom-com montage.

Give it a little more time, however, and Sagittarius begins to feel that restless itch. They love their independence a little more than the comfort of a long-term relationship, and will probably need some time alone. Their partners shouldn’t take offense if Sagittarius plans a solo trip without them. They’ll probably come home with an inspired and sweet surprise for their significant other anyway.

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The easiest way to tick off a Sagittarius is to pull the possessive card on them. They won’t take it as a compliment and will easily run the other way, stat. Their pet peeve is a jealous partner who doesn’t trust them enough to be faithful, despite their innate independence.

Sagittarius is a fair-weather friend.

Everyone can count on Sagittarius for a good time. They’re easygoing and don’t engage in negative talk or gossip. They much prefer an upbeat, high vibe atmosphere when among friends—even when it means shoving all the drama under the rug and pretending there’s nothing wrong. Their optimism is often infectious, but can also be put-on when they have ill feelings they don’t want to deal with.

Extremely low maintenance, Sagittarius is hardly ever demanding when it comes to friends and will show up when you need them, whether you’ve kept in touch or not. Their spontaneity can be off-putting to friends who need a more regimented schedule. And their constant enthusiasm can also be tiring to folks who just want to have a good rant.

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In family matters, Sagittarius is never insecure.

Sagittarius will never allow anyone in the family to coddle them or baby them. They stand up for themselves as soon as they can literally be on their own two feet. And if parents or other siblings try to diminish their individuality, they’ll easily get rejected and walked out on by Sagittarius. Difficult to reel into big conflicts and feuds, Sagittarius would just rather avoid all the drama altogether, pretending it doesn’t exist.

When in a mood, Sagittarius can be impossible to deal with. As teenagers, their existence is meant to test boundaries, break the rules, and push for freedom until their parents have nothing else to do but give a resounding “yes.” Sagittarius needs a lot of space and will argue their way out of any fight by highlighting how they’ve become the underdog in any situation.

If there’s any rivalry in the family, Sagittarius won’t succumb to petty grievances, but instead aim to come out the winner—whether it’s a game of poker or duck duck goose.

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In health, Sagittarius needs to keep their overindulgence under control.

While everybody’s enjoying a glass of wine, Sagittarius will have a bottle. Everyone may appreciate the caviar on little bits of saltine crackers as an appetizer, but trust Sagittarius to have three servings of caviar pie instead. Gout may be the prime health concern of this personality type—they love good food and won’t hesitate breaking diets for the enjoyment of it.

To burn off the calories, Sagittarius needs to get out of the gym mindset and take the workout outdoors. This will keep them from getting too bored with repetitive movements and the same environment day in and day out. Think of running outdoors, going on hikes, or even activities for thrill-seekers like wall climbing or skateboarding.

Because Sagittarius is quite the impulsive mover, accidents can happen to them all the time. Before getting into any new activities, make sure there’s a well-executed briefing and a first aid station on standby at all times.

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