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Savor Your Nakedness

Toast your natural hotness by trying these blissful treats.
Slip On Something Silky
Certain fabrics can feel like pure heaven against bare skin. "Cashmere and silk are made of very fine, long fibers, so they're extremely soft and pleasing to the touch," explains Brian George, PhD, professor of textile engineering at Philadelphia University. "Satins are smooth and flexible, meaning they're supple and move with you." Drape yourself in the sensual stuff and you’ll be hooked.

Indulge In This Rubdown
Instead of slathering on lotion post-shower, massage in dry body oil. "Unlike some creams, oil penetrates instantly, coating and soothing the exposed surface," says Sherwin Parikh, an NYC-based dermatologist. Plus, when your skin is slightly slippery (not greasy), gliding your fingers over it becomes that much more enjoyable.

Toast Your Bombshell Vibes
Think about it: Your body is so good to you--from running on the treadmill at 6AM to dancing all night in stilettos--it deserves to be celebrated! So slowly savor a piece of chocolate sans clothes and mentally appreciate how amazing your bod is.

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