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Sharon Cuneta Gives An Update On Her Family's Future Home, Says She'll Have Her Own Wing

Sharon Cuneta gives updates on family's future home
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/reallysharoncuneta

Yeah, hi, hello! Grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and get comfortable. You're going to need a minute to process the ~*magic*~ that is Sharon Cuneta's future home, okay. The megastar posted updates about the construction of their family house on Instagram, and the whole time I was just thinking, YES. ABSOLUTELY. ALL OF IT. 

So far, the basement parking's already done and right now, they're working on the ground floor of the family house wing, which is half of the entire area.


Sharon Cuneta's wing

You're probably wondering, what will take up the other half? Her own wing, that's what!!! For her "books, clothes, studio for vlogs, maybe a small recording studio, dressing room, etc." Tell me you don't have the same dream, I dare you. Her wing will also have three stories, but the basement won't be used for parking. 

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In total, the floor area "will be about 2,300 sqm. built across five lots (total lot area [is] more or less 3,000 sqm.), scaled down from the original plan of 3,500 sqm." This doesn't include the pool, poolhouse, and doghouse. They were supposed to have an infinity pool but decided to copy the one they had in their home in Calabasas, California because her kids loved it so much. On top of that, their new home will have solar panels and rainwater-collecting tanks! 


Sharon shares that it'll probably take another year or so to complete their new home, and I will officially be starting a countdown because CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT HOUSE TOUR, YOU GUYS? 


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