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Snacks That Don't Bring On The Bulge

On a diet? Have room for some chips. You can go below 200 calories. The secret is in the portions you take.
Here's something to smile about: "Snacking two to three times daily can aid in weight loss by keeping your metabolism elevated and staving off a binge later," explains Amanda Ursell, author of What Are You Really Eating?

And you don't have to gnaw on celery sticks to reap the body benefits. It's not what you eat but how much. According to Ursell, a sensible between-meal boost should contain less than 200 calories. To help monitor what you munch, opt for portion-friendly treats packaged in single servings. A few favorites:

Nova. At about 187 calories per 40g bag, this healthy mix will satisfy your munchies without dooming your diet.

Frito-Lay 1-ounce package. Dip into a downsized bag of Doritos, Cheetos, or Lay's for about 150 calories.

Holy! Kettle Corn. Three cups of popcorn fun will fix your sweet and salty cravings in one go for only 170 calories.

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