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8 Physical Distancing Activities That You Might Enjoy

Why not try hosting Netflix parties?
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Even though you can’t physically hang out with your friends rn, there are still fun things you can do together of the remote variety. And you should def be taking advantage of them because talking to a friend can help you feel less alone and, TBH, it’s sooo nice to hear a voice besides your own or your roommate’s or the TV.

You’ve probably already participated in a virtual happy hour—and if you haven’t, grab a glass of wine and FaceTime your friends ASAP—but that’s not the only online activity you can do with your crew. Here are the some innovative ways people are hanging in the age of physical distancing.

Hold a cooking competition

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“My friends have been trying to organize an at-home cook-off, Chopped-style, where we pick four pantry ingredients and all start cooking over Zoom. We’ll judge based on presentation and creativity, not taste (duh). But we have yet to do this because no one can agree on the food choices. It’s very unclear why everyone hasn’t bought anchovies yet!” —Jessica Goodman, 29, Cosmopolitan op-ed editor

Have a virtual sweat sesh together

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“My workout buddy and I miss taking our classes IRL. In an attempt to keep each other motivated (and hold each other accountable!), we’ve been FaceTiming every morning at 9 a.m. and doing at-home exercises together. Watching your instructor do an Instagram Live is great and all, but it totally kills the social aspect of working out with your BFF. FaceTiming allows us to check in with each other and stay fit. Plus, it feels silly to exercise together over the phone, so we get lots of laughs out of it too. Helps boost the mood in a time of tension and anxiety." —Sam Feher, 22, Cosmopolitan editorial assistant

Do a group crossword puzzle

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“Every morning at breakfast, my friends and I would do the New York Times crossword. Now that we're spread apart from one another across the country, doing the crosswords over Skype or text gives us a sense of normalcy and continuity while filling part of the day. They have great free archived ones of different levels of difficulty, if anyone else wants to give them a go.” —Maya Stucky, 21, college senior

Throw a Netflix Party

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“I’d like to personally thank Netflix Party for being one of the greatest inventions since the wheel. Because of it, my girls and I aren’t missing out on our weekly movie nights. The Chrome extension adds a chat room to the screen, so we can talk shit and yell at the characters together, you know, like normal people do.” —Alexis Bennett, 31, Cosmopolitan shopping editor

Play party games

Continue reading below ↓ is quite fun. It has different kinds of trivia games that you play with friends. Things get saucy real quick and it’s a great way to show love and throw shade.” —Juli Coelho, 22, college senior

Start a book club

“After writing and editing all day, the last thing I want to do is read a book (sry, it’s the truth!). That said, I’ve kinda hit my Netflix capacity, even though, yes, The Office is still funny as f*ck the eighth time through. So my friends and I decided to start a virtual book club to (a) feel like we’re being social and (b) actually get excited about reading. We’re starting with Jia Tolentino’s Trick Mirror, a collection of essays we’ve been dying to read, and we plan on chatting about it every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Oh, and wine is required.” —Ruby Buddemeyer, 24, Cosmopolitan beauty editor

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Take an online class together

“Websites like Brit + Co are offering some awesome free classes that are a super cute way to not only have a fun activity to do during virtual happy hours with friends but also pick up a new hobby. I painted a lot in high school so I’m excited to have time to do some painting for real. My friends and I are going to do the digital pet illustration class together and all draw our pets!” —Marguerite Courtemanche, 22, design associate at Deloitte

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Dress up in a QuaranTHEME of the day


“Themed days were always the ones to look forward to at school and camp growing up, so my friends and I figured why not have a QuaranTHEME of the Day and include friends, family, and coworkers who are working/schooling from home, too! I posted on my IG Stories about it, and asked for QuaranTHEME suggestions and OOTD picture.

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“There’s a schedule of QuaranTHEMES including Bed Sheet Met Gala, Views From My Sunday Stroll Pics, Wig/Wacky Hair Wednesday, Quarantine Kitchen Baked Goods Photos, All Dressed Up With No Where to Go, and a bunch more. Social distancing, on top of all the other ramifications of this global pandemic, feels really daunting but it’s important to stay connected and hopefully the best parts of social media will shine through and help connect us. QuaranTHEME of the Day is just a bit of fun, a chance to be silly, and maybe even something to look forward to. Feel free to follow along or join in with me on IG, @Hkohen12.” —Harrison Kohen, 25, creative strategist


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