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Something New To Help Beat Your Red Day Blues


Did your Friday or Saturday night gimik get dampened by the sudden arrival of your period? If you're one of those girls who dread the hassles brought on by your monthly visitor, here's something cute to cheer you up: Kotex recently launched Kotex Luxe Designs--sanitary napkins printed with colorfully sweet and funky designs!

The one question Kotex Luxe Designs asks is this: "Why Only White? (W.O.W.)" With two main design themes, "Girl-Next-Door" and "Indie Chic," Kotex tries to help make your period pains a bit more fun and stain-free, if not entirely painless.

The Indie Chic line is characterized by butterflies and paisley swirls in fun, earthy colors like purple, orange, and green--perfect for the hippie chick in you! The Girl-Next-Door set, meanwhile, manages to scream girly without going overboard, with baby pink tones and flowery prints. If you're sweet with a touch of sass, you might want to consider picking this set on your next trip to the grocery!

Launch the gallery to view the full collection of designs Kotex has thoughtfully handcrafted for us ladies. Don't forget to leave a comment with your favorite pad--the one that WOWs you most!

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