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Real Struggles Of Girls Who Are Distracted By Everything

You probably always have 10 different tabs open on your browser.

1. You can hardly survive a class/meeting/brainstorming/yoga class that’s over an hour.

Like once you hit the 60-minute mark, you’re just so out of it.

2. Fast-forwarding is your game.

Watching long and dragging movies are TORTURE for you, so you always end up fast-forwarding to the juicy parts.

3. Literally everything distracts you.

From the ants creeping on the walls, to the blinking light from your seatmate’s power bank, to your boss’ twitching eye—lahat na lang! Let’s just say you’re very observant.

4. Conversations with you are basically one-sided.

Your friends *hate* making kwento to you, because they know that they’ll lose you 10 minutes into the conversation. No one likes telling stories again and again!

5. You’re always losing things.

You swear you were just holding your phone five minutes ago before your officemate walked in with a cake. Now you’re not sure where it went.

6. It gets so hard for you to finish your tasks for the day because you always end up getting distracted by another thing.

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One minute you were writing your report due at 5 p.m., then you just realized you were already on your fifth YouTube makeup tutorial of the day.

7. That said, you probably always have 10 different tabs open on your browser.

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8. You’ve had awkward experiences of not remembering the names of people because you were so distracted with something else while being introduced.

So until you get introduced again, in your head, your cousin’s new girlfriend is still “Long-Haired Girl Who Wore A Black Crop Top To Sunday Brunch.”

9. You always miss out on the ~*juicy*~ office/barkada chismis because you were too busy playing on your phone while you were having lunch.

It’s just so hard to just sit there and listen, okay.

10. You’ve had to download apps for your internet browser to block sites so you can get shit done.

Otherwise, it’d be YouTube and Reddit all day, errday.

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11. Whenever you open an article on your browser and see that you need to do more than three scrolls, you automatically exit it.

Guess you’ll never know why everyone was sharing it on your Facebook feed!

12. You have an *awful* social media routine.

It’s basically Facebook-Twitter-Instagram-Snapchat. After watching some stories on Snapchat, it’s back to Facebook even though it’s only been 5 minutes since.

13. You don’t get how people can ~*binge-watch*~ their fave shows all day.

Like how do you just sit there and do NOTHING?!

14. You’ve shown up late to work/school/parties/lunch/brunch because you spent too much time scrolling through your feeds when you should’ve been getting ready.

Your “On the way na ako” text was a COMPLETE lie.

15. Sometimes while you’re talking you don’t know how to end the sentence because you CANNOT for your dear life remember what you were talking about.

Hehe. Sorry, friends! Guess my chismis will have to wait! 

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Additional text by Retty Contreras