Stylish Girls In Black Divulge Their Barkada's Style

Cosmo attended a black-themed party and spotted ladies in chic LBDs. We asked them if their girlfriends are equally stylish and if they have a signature barkada style.
At Bigfish's Innovation Black party last May 21, the Cosmo crew rubbed elbows with party-loving men and women from all over the metro. As we danced to the festive beats spun by international DJ Ferry Corsten, we scanned the crowd for hot guys and stylish gals dressed in their best black outfits--the theme for the night, needless to say.

We loved seeing classy LBDs and black-inspired ensembles on the ladies. There were also some who deviated from the dress code, but still with lovely results. Since we're all in the mood now for girl-bonding and dressing stylishly with the barkada (all thanks to Sex and the City 2, which is opening in theaters on Wednesday), we wanted to know if these girls and their gal pals dress up in a particular way, and what their barkada's particular look is.

Click on the "view gallery" button below to see their fabulous black outfits and what particular style they share with their girlfriends.
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