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These Candles Look And Smell Like Your Favorite Sweet ~*Milky*~ Drinks

Made for sweet tooths!
PHOTO: Instagram/solana_scents

Hi, I'm Ira, and I'm addicted to scented candles. Scented candles make the space cozier and improve the ~ambiance~ of the room. I've actually lost count of my stash, but by no means I will stop, especially when I've discovered candles with yummy scents.

If you're a sweet tooth, you'll appreciate these new "flavors" from Solana Scents. They just released Limited Drinks Summer Collection! Check out the available scents:


Addicted to the scent of coffee? This one is for you. I love that it resembles a frappucino drink.

Solana Scents Coffee scented candle
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Strawberry Milkshake

This scent is made for berry lovers. It will match your room's pink and white aesthetic, too!

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Solana Scents Strawberry Milkshake scented candle


Of course, the chocolate-obsessed won't be left out. The Nutella scented candle is probably one that I can't wait to get!

Solana Scents Nutella scented candle
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All are handcrafted and made with pure soy wax. Each costs P388. Check out their Shopee store to purchase.

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