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Here’s Why I Get Tarot Card Readings Regularly

We all need a little bit of guidance sometimes.
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I’m a firm believer that the ~*universe*~ has plans for each and every single one of us. But sometimes, I get worried about all the possibilities, and I want to know the path that’s laid for me. So when I found out that tarot card readings give insights on what life has in store for me, I knew that I had to try it.

What are tarot cards and how can they help you?

Tarot is a form of divinationan art or practice that seeks to “foresee and foretell future events” through supernatural means. The one who does the “foreseeing” is the reader aka someone who draws interpretations from the cards that you have picked from the deck. These readings are based on the reader’s intuition—a form of knowledge or power that they possess from the universe

Most tarot card decks have 78 cards which is further broken down into two categories: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards and they "typically represent significant life events on a large scale," while the Minor Arcana, is made up of 56 cards and they “deal with day-to-day life.” 

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A common misconception about tarot card readings

When most people hear about tarot card readings, they automatically assume that the reader’s ability to predict the future comes from a “special gift.” But in reality, tarot readers base their predictions on their intuition, which is something that we are all born with. These readers just have a more elevated connection to this ~*instinct*~, and they have chosen to use it to help give guidance to others. 

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The first time I got my cards read

I stumbled upon my first tarot card reader at a random art fair that I went to during my junior year in college. At the time, I was dating someone, and I wanted to know if things would work out between us.

Before anything else, the reader told me to ask any question. After I placed my inquiry, he asked me to pick three cards from the deck. According to him, the three cards represent my past, present, and future. He discussed some of my deepest, darkest fears (aka things that I’ve only ever told my journal).

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After the session, I mentioned it to my then-boyfriend in passing. And TBH, I forgot about the reading. My ex and I eventually broke up and months later, I found myself reading our old convos (I know, what a dumb thing to do right, LOL.) When I read about my first tarot card reading, I was shocked to see that mostly everything the reader said came true. 

Why I keep coming back

When I rediscovered the story of how my first tarot card reading went, I knew that I had to do it again. There was something about the affirmations I got after my first reading that made me want to know more. I guess, the reason why I go back for more is because I sometimes need an extra push when it comes to my decisions. They help me reflect on how I may end up if I continue whatever path I may be on at that certain moment.

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All of us need a little bit of guidance sometimes, it just so happens that mine comes from tarot card readings. 

To know more about what tarot cards mean, you can check this out or pick up a book on tarot card reading. 

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