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Tokyo-Based Digital Art Collective teamLab Is Bringing Its Interactive Water Show To Nuvali Starting November 22!

Japan's famous teamLab digital art installation is here in the Philippines!
PHOTO: Official teamLab Website

Tokyo-based digital art collective teamLab has partnered with Ayala Land to bring the “Nuvali teamLab Water: Interactive Water Show” to the Pinoy audience starting November 22.

The water show will be the first-ever interactive show of its kind in the country. Set to take place at the Globe Lakeside in Nuvali, the water show will feature artworks projected on water screen displays spanning 100 meters wide and 15 meters high.


Some of the artworks are interactive as it will be co-created in real-time by visitors through the teamLab smartphone application.

The Nuvali teamLab website detailed the digital art experiences guests can enjoy:

  • “Born From The Water, A Loving And Beautiful World”

An interactive feature work where visitors can select characters on their smartphones, swipe them towards the water screen and see the worlds that those characters embody to create a single world.

  • “Water Scrolls: Genpei Yashima Battle”

A dynamic and historical tale drawn in water.

  • “Interactive Fishing Party: Spin Your Fishing Reel”

Using your smartphone as a fishing reel, you can work with others to catch a variety of fish that live in the pond. Information on the fish that you catch will be imported to your smartphone where you can start your own fishing catalog.

  • “Reversible Rotation In Water”

Spatial Calligraphy is written on the water and rotates in the artwork space. Depending on the viewer’s perception, it can appear to be rotating clockwise or counterclockwise.

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The interactive water show is open from Fridays to Sundays from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Admission is free.

For more details, visit the Nuvali teamLab water website.

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