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The 6 Kinds Of Party Girls Every Barkada Has


1. The Life Of The Party
The party basically starts when you step into the club. You manage to keep your energy up all night and everyone knows who you are. You’re in almost every single picture taken that night and you’re the instigator of tequila shots.

2. The Happy Drunk
Two tequila shots in and you’re all giggly and hyper already. You hug random strangers, dance with whoever is willing to, and you don’t shy away from making new friends. People like being around you when you’re drunk because your happiness is infectious. You cannot count how many times you've blurted out, "I love you! And you. And you!"

3. The Emotional Wreck
You’re the total opposite of the happy drunk—everyone tries to avoid you when you’re drunk because you tend to be a downer. The slightest trigger sends you spiralling to a sudden breakdown, and you become extra sensitive to everything and everyone around you.

4. The Dancing Queen
It doesn’t matter what the song is. You’re the first on the dance floor and you pull whoever you can to dance with you. You don’t care what other people think because you’re having too much fun dancing. Screw the haters. At least you’re having fun.

5. The Wallflower
You don’t know why you even bothered going out. You hate large crowds, loud music, and smelling like cigarette smoke. You try to blend in and drink to pass the time, but deep down you’re cursing your friends for forcing you to go out in the first place. "How many times will I wash my hair to get rid of this awful smoke stench?" is a question you ask yourself every time you go out.

6. The Flirt
You’re a woman on a mission. You know what you want and you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. When you spot a guy you like, you don’t hesitate to approach him and introduce yourself. You're just that confident.

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