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The 6 Things You Say That Are Actually Fat Shaming

A person can be fat AND beautiful.

"Fat shaming," as found in Urban Dictionary, is a term for the act of bullying someone for being fat, or telling someone who's fat that she's lazy, disgusting, and worthless because she's fat. It's whatever that implies or directly says a person isn't "good enough" when she's round, and when "fat" is used as an insult.

Here are the things you say (or hear) that are actually fat shaming. If you want to spread the love, share this and help educate more people.

1. "Eww, taba niya."

Really, of all the things that could disgust you about a person, it's her fat? That's shallow. And honestly, so what if she is and is free of health risks? What's that got to do with you?

2 "You, fat? Di kaya! You're beautiful!"

Since when was "beautiful" exclusive only to the skinny? Okay, fine, fashion and diet ads may be to blame for this one, but who said YOU have to keep believing them? A fat person can be beautiful too. Remember that.

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3. "Don't ever say you're fat."

Why not, if it's true? Someone skinny can call herself skinny, the same way someone blonde can say she's blonde, or someone short can say she's short. We've associated "fat" to something negative, we forget that it should be a neutral word especially if the person is healthy and happy anyway. Besides, apart from being a simple statement of fact, it might even result in the person loving every single thing about herself.

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4. "OMG! She looks good now that she lost weight."

You mean, she looks conventionally and acceptably good now, right? Because if she were at a healthy weight anyway, she probably already looked good. Unless of course she was unhappy back then and she's now happy with the weight lossin which case it's safe to say she looks better. (Hey, didn't Audrey Hepburn say that the happiest girls are the prettiest?)

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5. "I can't believe she's wearing that when she's so fat."

It could be a crop top, a bodycon dress, a pair of short shorts, or whatever that's not black. Look, those kinds of clothes aren't just for thin figures. That's why they come in medium and large sizes too! Stop forcing someone to feel bad about herself when she's healthy and happy. (Which is to say, "Girl, take your issues up with yourself.")

6. "You'll feel amazing when you lose weight!"

Which can be true if a person really wants to lose weight and has an ideal weight and all that. But being thin or fit isn't everything, and it doesn't guarantee that a person will feel amazing. There are skinny and fit girls out there who still loathe their bodies, who are incredibly uncomfortable with themselves! So quit insisting that a person has to lose weight (unless you're a doctor or echoing your friend's doctor) to feel good about herself. If you want your friend to feel amazing, just tell her that she is!

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