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A Gross Game Show Has Men Guessing If Women Are 'Fat Or Pregnant'

No, really, WTF?
PHOTO: Neem de Zwemspullen Mee/NPO

When I think about all the places I would love to live in, the Netherlands is pretty high up on the list—hello, the capital is Amsterdam so they must be progressive, right? But, as we all know, nothing is perfect.

My dreams of moving there have been temporarily put on hold because someone actually green lighted a satirical show called Neem de Zwemspullen Mee (loosely translated: Bring Your Bathing Suit). But what will really get your blood boiling is that the show has a segment called “Fat or Pregnant?”

Yes, it’s exactly as gross as you think: A woman stands in front of male contestants, and the men have to guess if she’s fat or with child.

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According to BuzzFeed, the show also has a section in which the contestants have to guess if a woman’s breasts are real or fake.

Last year, a segment had panelists guessing if someone was Chinese or Japanese:

And if someone was a man or a woman:

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Youd think that even after the show has been dragged by the Internet, the producers would just apologize and move on. NOPE. Instead, they released this (translated) statement: “In this round are numerous different prejudices, like: is he a criminal or businessman? Is he Dutch or German? Through this satirical setting is a way to laugh off all kinds of prejudices.”

RIDICULOUS. Newsflash: People don’t have to explain themselves to you. They can just be. Sure, you can be confused about someone who you classify as “other,” but you are not entitled to answers—especially not if it means putting them front and center for your own personal scrutiny (or, let’s face it, for ratings). 

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