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The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

Single? February 14th doesn't have to be a nightmare. Find out what these fun, fearless females like to do!

No date this year for V-Day? You're not alone! We know it's a buzz kill to see all your non-single friends being mushy and sweet with their guys while you're left flying solo and empty-handed, but that doesn't have to be the case. Before you throw yourself a pity party, why not think of ways to make your own fun?

Don't go on a bitter rage and start hating on every couple you come across. Instead, channel all that energy and do something productive like hitting the gym to get that killer Victoria's Secret bod, or plan a fun and flirty night out with your single pals! Who knows, you might even meet a cute guy while you're at it.

So round up your best girl friends, dress to impress, and celebrate the joys of being single! We asked fab single girls what they like doing on Valentine's Day. Check out their suggestions:


"Definitely a night out with my girlfriends!" -Sam, 23

"Have dinner with my girlfriends and give each other gifts." -Mariel, 21

"I like eating out in a really good restaurant like People’s Palace with all my single girl and boy friends, then going out for drinks together after." -Mela, 24

"A fun girls' night out where all of us get smashed. But before that, we have a really yummy dinner where we can dress up!" -Casey, 21

"Eat!" -Jelly, 23

"I'm going shopping on Valentine's Day." -Melanie, 22

"Blast 'All By Myself' on loud speakers and sing along while eating ice cream." -Cheska, 20

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"I'd probably cook dinner with my flatmates and watch a chick flick." -Ina, 24

"Watch movies and blast ‘emo’ music. Then I'll hang out with the rest of the Lonely Hearts Club." -Bada, 21

"Get drunk." -Mary, 23

"EXERCISE. I'm going to take a kickboxing class then have a tapas dinner party at home. Endorphins, food, alcohol, single friends.” –Mich, 22

"My best friend and I will treat ourselves to a relaxing spa—facial, scrub, massage, mani-pedi—the works! Also a nice home-cooked dinner paired with good wine and '70s music." -Nina, 28

"A short trip to Phuket or Hong Kong with my sisters." -Myta, 30

"Last year my friends and I worked out. We also baked a cake." –Cara, 22

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