These Scents Will Help You Sleep Better, Promise!

You just need a little jasmine here, and bergamot there.

1. Lavender. Combine lavender oil with aloe vera and water to create a homemade scent, perfect for your bedroom.

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2. Chamomile. It has a light scent that can create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere in your bedroom. Mix a few drops of chamomile with baking soda, to create a thick paste. Put it in a nice container that you can place on your side table.

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3. Bergamot. If you love a fruity scent, then you must try spraying Bergamot on your pillow. It has a citrus scent that can refresh your mind and at the same time, keep your body relaxed. Try mixing rubbing alcohol and 20 drops of a Bergamot essential oil to create a body spray.

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4. Jasmine. Jasmine flowers are popular for treating stress and depression. A few spritzes of this scent on your linen can help you enjoy a deeper sleep. Make your own pillow spray by mixing distilled water and 25 drops of jasmine essential oil then store it in spray bottles.

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