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5 Things Your Friend Is Too Afraid To Say To You

Your Facebook posts are annoying AF.
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Friendships, like relationships, require a lot of time and energy to sustain. But even best friends have bumps along the way—how you survive them is what defines your bond. Ahead are five scenarios you might recognize:

1. "I don’t like the gift you gave me."

What's worse than getting socks from your tita? Getting socks from your friend, someone who should probably know you better. Not to diss your tita, but realistically, you spend more time with your friend, so there should be more effort put into gift-giving. Except we never say that out loud. Instead, we pretend we love it, and remember that fighting over something so small is a waste of time.

2. "Your Facebook posts are annoying AF."

Every girl knows the golden rule of "liking" a friend's new profile pic: "DO IT." But when she changes it every other day, it becomes harder to support her #GGSS moments. And the friend who posts cryptic messages about her broken heart? Girl, keep that shit offline. *clicks like anyway*

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3. "How can anyone be this cheap?"

Money is not a comfortable topic of conversation for a lot of people. Hell, it's even awkward when the bill comes, and it's time to figure out how to split it. What's worse, though, is when a friend is so cheap, she doesn't want to leave a tip. Tipping is not something everyone does because it's just not how they grew up. But it's not like you can avoid eating out with your friend, so either you shoulder the tip until she gets the message, or you get takeout every chance you get.

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4. "You complain about everything!"

It's too hot outside? Your pasta was too salty? There's too much traffic? You forgot your earphones at work and now it's the worst day ever? If you have a friend who does this, you could try and tell her to stfu (in a loving way), but she might just start complaining about you. Unless you can think of a light-hearted way to get her to ease up, it might be in your best interest to just nod, smile, and pray she gets tired soon.

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5. "Uh… you got that from me."

When you're shopping with your friends or thinking of changing your look, you almost always ask for their opinion first. Sometimes, you get a resounding, "You should totally get it," and other times, it's a complete shutdown. But what's irritating is when someone disses a top or a tattoo idea so much that you question why you ever wanted it, only to have that person claim it. Yeah, fine, maybe it's better that you didn't get it, but that kind of move is beyond shady. What can you do though? It's not like it was yours, right?

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