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This Ad Challenges Us To Rethink What It Means To Be "Like A Girl"

We're #LikeAGirl, and damn proud of it!

Since when did doing something "like a girl" become an insult?

This GENIUS ad by P&G’s Always highlights the stereotypes people often attach to being a girl. Male and female participants were asked to do certain things like running, throwing, and fighting "like a girl," and most portrayed them as ditzes. "It sounds like a bad thing. It sounds like you're trying to humiliate someone," notes one of the subjects. "It's like you're telling them they're weak," says another.

A separate group of young girls were then asked to do the same tasks, but their definition of being like a girl proved to be more empowering. One shares that running like a girl means "run as fast as you can." Another says she does things like a girl because she is a girl, and that’s not something she should be ashamed of.


Watch the video below and let us know what you think by commenting below. 

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UPDATE: Whisper has released a local version of the "Like A Girl" video. P.S. Always is sold under the name Whisper in the Philippines, among other countries.

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