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This Video Brilliantly Shows How Ridiculous And Sexist Dress Codes Are

Because they say our legs are distracting the boys. Suuuuure.

We've all felt restricted when we had to conform to dress codes. It could've been back in high school and we couldn't accessorize much or just have fun with our uniforms. It could've been in those school fairs and we had to cover up in civilian wear because boys would be around. It could've been back in college too, with reasons ranging from "You're just there to study, so why wear something revealing?" or "You're distracting the other students with how you look" or "We don't want you promoting sexual harassment." If you were lucky, you were allowed to dress however you wanted. Still, it's pretty safe to say we all have an idea how ridiculous and restricting dress codes are.

Enter Mic's video that shows just how dress codes affect students.

We're not saying dress codes on their own are evil. But on the grounds that it's the women who have to protect themselves because "boys will be boys" (aka "can't" control their raging hormones hence can get away with harassing girls)? That's crazy for us girls, not to mention insulting to sensible and reasonable guys, too.

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