This Video Will Move You To Put Your Phone Down And Breathe

Like, now.

"Why wait 'til someone is on their deathbed to get to that level of intimacy?" a man asks the camera in a new Lululemon video encouraging people to "be present" by getting off their phones during the holidays.

Instead of texting and emailing and Snapchatting and Instagram-ing while you're hanging out with your family, the passionate people in the video suggest you try something else: breathing. Breathing is a new, fun way to disconnect from the world, they insist.

"Do not check your email while I'm telling you something intimate," a woman says. "Fuck you!" Again, she's suggesting you put down your phone and take a few deep breaths before responding (it's not a bad idea, she was just really rude to you!).

Really, though, these men and women have a point. If you need a reminder that you should not Instagram your mom's burnt chicken while she's asking you how it tastes, you should watch the video below.

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