10 Beach Pegs For The Summer

For the perfect Instagram shot!

The sun is out and the beach is calling! Nail the perfect Instagram-worthy snapshot inspired by these lovely ladies:

1. The Lone Islander
Peg: Anne Curtis

2. The Underwater Siren
Peg: Kim Jones

3. The Beach Yogi
Peg: Bianca King

4. The Wanderer
Peg: Isabelle Daza

5. The Mad Hatter
Peg: Marian Rivera

6. The Baywatch Babe
Peg: Rhian Ramos

7. The Hippie
Peg: Georgina Wilson

8. The Silhouette Shot
Peg: Megan Young

9. The Dancing Queen
Peg: Megan Young

10. The Pin-Up Girl
Peg: KC Concepcion

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