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16 Struggles Only Girls Who Travel A Lot Understand

From spending a lot to feeling the blues, life's tough for Ms. Wanderlust.

1. You spend a lot of money. On top of other expenses like food and transpo, you're spending money by the thousands every time you go out of town. It sucks that you're barely saving, but you just really love traveling in your 20s!

2. You don't always have the time to plan your trips. Because of your busy work schedule, you don't get to research on the spots you should go to or dine in as thoroughly as you want to. So when you get to wherever it is you're going, you kind of just wing it.

3. You go through the tiring task of having to pack and unpack. One of the hardest parts about packing is planning your outfits. You're going to be taking pictures of the places and yourself, so of course you have to look great. 

4. You still don't know how to pack your bras perfectly. No matter how you pack them in your backpack or hand-carry, they end up getting squished or deformed. Ugh.

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5. You can never get enough of the world. With too many things you want to see and experience, you're bound to miss some and that can really frustrate you especially since you were already at the place and you're torn about going back there vs. going elsewhere.

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6. You tend to miss your real home a lot. It happens when you've settled for cheap lodging. It's especially relevant when your family tells you they miss you and you realize that you miss them a lot too.

7. Internet access isn't always easy to come by. Which means posting on Facebook and Instagram has to wait.

8. You get lost more than the average person does. You'd expect that your sense of direction has gotten better by now, but sadly it hasn't. At least you've learned to ask for directions and to know which kind of people to approach. #StillStreetSmart

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9. You have to make sure your pocket money is enough. 

10. You get cuts or bruises a lot. Whether it's from packing or touring, getting hurt is all part of traveling. Hopefully those blisters from all that walking will heal soon!

11. You're always haunted by that feeling that you left something important at home, but you just don't know what it is. Trying to think of that thing, whatever it is, is really working your brain. It's like that feeling of a word getting stuck at the tip of your tongue and you won't ever rest until you remember it. Because hey, you just have to know what it was and you need to stop worrying about it.

12. Finally knowing what it is you left at home when it's too late. Sadly, unlike the tip-of-the-tongue thing, remembering what you left behind gives you no relief or sense of triumph. Only irritation.

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13. Realizing when you're back home that you left something behind in the hotel room. YOU'RE NOT THINKING ABOUT THIS, YOU'RE NOT THINKING ABOUT THIS, repeat, repeat, repeat.

14. Your weekends are already booked so you miss spontaneous or last-minute barkada hangouts. This really stinks considering you don't see your friends all the time. It's moments like this one that you'd rather be back home because that's where your good friends are, and nothing really beats their company and nights spent laughing a lot.

15. You can feel lonely in the most astounding places. Sometimes you just want to share these practically magical and surreal things with someone special 'cos the entire moment will just be so much better. Since you got none, you're kind of just...there, hanging on with a small smile on your face.

16. The post-travel blues never leave you. Not only do they not leave you, they hit you hard. You just want to lie down on your bed at home the whole day after getting back from your trip, but noooooooooo. Responsibilities await and you've got to do the right thing.

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