19 *Genius* Travel Hacks For A Happy Vacation Abroad

From bagging cheaper flights to packing like a pro.
BEFORE YOU GO 1. Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday 

There tends to be up to a 15-25% drop in price compared to other days of the week! Use a flight aggregation site like SkyScanner to test the theory. 

2. Choose unsociable hours

Sure, getting that 4 a.m. flight might not be a lot of fun, but it might just get you the best price deal. 

3. Book in advance, but not TOO far in advance

SkyScanner has found that on average it's best to book just 7 weeks before you fly. But this differs based on where you're flying. Check out their savvy list to see if your holiday destination is there, and work out how many weeks in advance it's best to book:

  • Barcelona = 8 weeks (14% saving on average flight)
  • New York = 18 weeks (9% saving on average flight)
  • Bangkok = 18 weeks (5% saving on average flight)
4. Switch on private browsing 

When searching for deals You know those cookie warnings you idly "accept"? They know what you want which can cause the prices you're shown to rise simply because you've searched for those flights before.

5. Get a villa or Airbnb to save money 

Booking a villa or finding a house/apartment on Airbnb can work out much cheaper than staying separately in hotel rooms. Plus, having your own kitchen facilities means you're spending a lot less on meals out. 

6. Learn the right way to pack a suitcase 

Learn to pack like a pro and you'll fit SO MUCH more shit in there. Great for traveling with just hand luggage, not so great if you want to avoid extra baggage fees on bigger suitcases:

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7. Get the best rate on your travel money

Never buy money at an airport. This jazzy tool will find where in your area has the best exchange rate. 

AT THE AIRPORT 8. Mark your bag as fragile 

Not only will you have peace of mind your lovely luggage will be handled with the care it deserves, but apparently it'll also get stored on the top of the pile in the storage compartment of the plane, meaning it'll be first out on the carousel when you touch down! 

9. Avoid children like the plague

Partly because kids at airports are always annoying. But mainly because opting for the queue that has the least kids in means it's bound to move quicker. If there's a businessman-heavy queue, go for that one. They know their shit and will keep moving.

10. Arrive early to bag free upgrades 

Airline staff will know about any free premium seats hours in advance, so be earlier-than-early to make sure you have the best chance of nabbing them! 

11. Weigh your stuff before check-in
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