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24 Struggles Of Girls Who Ride The MRT Every Day

Like waiting for a train that might never even come. PLEASE LANG.
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1. 'Yung ayaw mo na pumasok dahil sa commute. Taking the MRT is a huge part of the "grind" in the "daily grind." It's exhausting even if you're pretty much just standing up. Is it the heat? The grime? On most days you just wish you didn't have to commute. Puwede bang remote working na lang?

2. Forcing yourself to get up early to beat the rush hour. Can you get any more sleep-deprived than you already are? You rise before 5 a.m. to get ready and you rush while you're at it just to get to the station before 6 or 6:30 a.m. because it'll be hell soon. This wouldn't be bad if it weren't for #3.

3. Not getting to wear your favorite shoes or tote your favorite bag. Your shoes are just going to be stepped on and dirtied, and your bag might just get slashed or stolen. Sabi nga ni Taylor Swift, "THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS."


4. Seeing a long line of commuters along EDSA when you're nearing the station, and being filled with dread. There's a long, winding line already?! What, do you have to get to the station at 5 in the morning? Nakakaloka.

5. 9 a.m. pa lang, mukha ka nang nag-overtime. Your makeup has melted off, and all that effort to look decent and professional just went down the drain. Also, sayang yung makeup. Hassle.

6. Sa tagal ng pila sa MRT, parang nag-drive ka rin sa EDSA. Also, you haven't had breakfast, so you're extra angry.

7. Getting catcalled by truck drivers who pass EDSA. Ugh.

8. Seeing that there's still space in the middle of the train but no one seems to want to go there so none of you and the other people can go in the train and get to work. WTF? Sayang na naman ang oras! You've no idea why some people just don't have the courtesy to move.

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9. Squeezing yourself into the train and hoping you make it in. LABAN!!!

10. Hearing the conductor say "Huwag pigilan ang pintuan ng tren. Next train na lang po" or "The train will be arriving shortly." Yeah, right. How soon is soon? 15 minutes? There's so much you could've done in that time! No commuter knows when the train is arriving, or if it will even come. Because who knows, it could've broken down along the way. #Truth

11. Getting elbowed. This hurts, especially when it's done on the boobs. Let's have some sense of space, people.

12. Having to worry about pickpockets and snatchers. So you pretty much have your hands on your bag and your bag in front of you the whole time. You don't have anything to entertain you, but you know it's better to be safe than sorry. (Good thing other people have their phones out so you can just watch them play or text their S.O./kabit. LOL.)


13. Getting poked on your back by the corner of a really stiff leather bag. Can bags with really pointy corners be deadly weapons? They really hurt, okay.

14. Trying not to fall asleep on the train. The nakanganga-while-snoring version of you isn't very flattering, tbh. More importantly, you need to keep an eye on your things and you can't miss your stop!

15. Other people's hair brushing your face, your eyes, or your lips. EWW. There should be this unwritten rule that if one's hair is clamped or tied to a ponytail, she shouldn't be turning her head a lot.

16. Walang aircon and masikip. Can’t breathe, more sweat.

17. Having a hard time applying or retouching your makeup on the train. 'Wag na lang nga!

19. Getting crushed when a people lose their balance. Guys, masakit.

20. Getting home during rush hour. It's bad enough that you're standing in line again. But imagine the commute during payday and it's also the evening before a long weekend! Camp na lang ba sa office?


21. Trying not to lose your cool when someone announces over the PA system that the MRT won't be on operation anymore. After nearly an hour of waiting without major updates or anything, REALLY? What. A. Waste.

22. Feeling sad and frustrated that you lose time for yourself. It's not just because of the time you spend waiting. It's also how the commute drains your energy so much that you're simply too tired to do anything other than crash on your bed.

23. Just remembering the life-threatening incidents that can happen. Like the conductor losing his control over a worn down train and the train derailing. It's not a question of if but when. Thought you were safe?

24. Having to hear people tell you to just buy a car or take the bus. Oh, yes, yes. And then you'll contribute to the traffic of Metro Manila! What a brilliant idea!


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