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Score Top Deals On Cebu Pacific’s Biggest Seat Sale With These Expert Tricks

Your dream trip is waiting. Book it.
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Girls, March 1 is THE day. Last week, we announced that Cebu Pacific (CEB) is holding its biggest seat sale ever, and it kicks off on March 1. To celebrate the carrier's 23rd anniversary, this Super Seat Fest will offer a whopping one million seats and deals. So, do the math: That’s one million chances to score deals to visit one of their 36 domestic and 26 international destinations. CEB’s even giving discounts on inflight meals, baggage allowance, and up to 42% discount on hotel rates through CEB Getaways.

To make sure that you really get to book and buy when the madlang people get online, we're letting Cosmo girls in on these secret tips and tricks from veteran seat sale hunters:

  1. Get your gadgets and WiFi ready. 

    Few things are as frustrating as unstable internet, especially when you’re trying to buy anything during an online sale. So, do it now: Get your gadgets in order, up your internet speeds, or add data to your pre-paid line. Either way, just make sure you have stable internet once the sale rolls around. This ensures that the pages load correctly, and you can breeze through right up to the itinerary page. 
  2. Connect to the sale in two ways: via the website and through the app.

    Why limit your chances for scoring the best deals on the Super Sale Fest when you can take a multi-platform approach? True bargain hunters know to exhaust all means to score the best deals. So, this is your time to be a segurista. Apparently, you can book tickets for the CEB Super Seat Fest through your laptop (via and through the mobile app (downloadable via the App Store or Google Play), so try your luck both ways. 
  3. Have your details ready before the seat sale starts.

    Type up your personal details on an accessible document on your desktop or save them on a note on your phone BEFORE the sale starts. This way, you can just copy-and-paste the details when the prompts come up while you book. Details include complete name, date of birth, email address, and contact details, as well as passport number and expiry date. Better yet, update your profile details and your travel buddies’ (under My Guests) on your CEB log in page, so you’ll just need to tick off boxes to confirm the details. 
  4. Know your preferred payment method. 

    Are you paying via credit or debit card? Or, do you prefer other payment channels? Take note of the required details across the different payment channels, like card number, full name of the cardholder, the security code (or the CVV number), expiry date, and billing address.

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  5. Know where you want to go. 

    There’s such a thing as decision paralysis. This happens when you’re faced with the conundrum of overchoice because you have so many viable travel options in front of you. Do you want to go swimming with whale sharks in Cebu? Will you be experiencing your first snowfall in Japan? Are you spending Halloween in Korea? When you’re waiting around to book during a seat sale, narrow down your choices, identify tentative dates, and know who your travel buddies will be for each booking attempt. This saves you from panicking and running out of seats simply because you can’t decide. Then, when you’ve got your list of top spots and ideal dates, be flexible with a few buffer days before and after, in case you spot cheaper fares for some other dates.

  6. Make booking a barkada thing. 

    Successful seat sale hunters make booking seats a group effort. There’s a higher probability to score promo fares if there are at least two or three of you booking. So, gather the gang or divide and conquer with your brother and sister to book seats for family trips. So, instead of the usual hang, make booking your Fridate, Saturdate, Sundate, Mondate.... After all, you have the whole month of March to try booking seats on the CEB Super Seat Fest. 

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Are you ready for your dream trip? It’s time to make it happen. Remember, keep calm, relax, and enjoy the process. Planning—and booking—a trip is part of the experience. May the booking gods be ever in your favor. 

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