20 Ideas To Make Your Beach Pics Look Amazing, According To Celebs

Your updated feed will make everyone jealous of your trip!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/kimcamjones, (RIGHT) Instagram/katarinarodri

Congratulations! You've finally given yourself that well-deserved vacation. Sure, living in the moment is fine, but immortalizing your beach trip is just as important for moments when you want to look back. Here, we teach you what type of photos to take so you can document your beach trip like a pro:

1. Give them a sneak peek of what's to come.

2. Then make it known to everyone that you're in paradise.

3. If you don't know how to make a fierce or sexy face, let your curves speak for themselves.

4. Another non-pa-cute pose: grab a beer (or any drink of choice) and give a shy smile.

5. If there are too many people swimming in the beach, strike a pose near boats and palm trees.

6. Or just work it with your favorite bikini and smize!

7. Skip the makeup and let your sun-kissed skin show.

8. If you have a waterproof cam, dare to take this sexy shot without really showing off your body:

9. Conscious of your puson and cleavage? Try doing the forever flattering 'dapa' pose.

10. Have a snap worthy of being your new Facebook profile picture (bikini not required).

11. Don't forget to take a nice shot of your colorful and *healthy* brekky.

12. A semi-healthy one will do, too!

13. Or capture the background if your breakfast comes with a view.

14. How about a non-cheesy pic with your guy?

15. And a pic of the people you love the most—your BFFs!

16. Of course, you HAVE to share the moment when you conquered wild waves! This special feat must be documented.
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17. Also, when you jump off a cliff! It may only happen once in a lifetime, right?

18. Raise your legs to have a better backdrop such as the sky or lush bushes to update the typical "I dig my toes into the sand" shot.

19. If you are #blessed enough to own a drone, take a bird's eye view of the beach.

20. Lastly, do an obligatory sunset shot—it never gets old.

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