All The Places Kendall Jenner Is Dying To Visit

Got room for one more on your personal jet, Kenny?
PHOTO: Instagram/kendalljenner

As an international model, Kendall gets to visit the world's most breathtaking destinations. To us mere mortals, a trip to Paris is the long-term travel goal; but Kendall can probably just decide to go right now and be there in less than a day. Which is why it makes sense that on Kendall's travel bucket list, we don't find the typical ~dream~ destinations. Instead, she's specific about the kind of experience she wants. On her website, Kenny wrote, "I love staying in a home when I'm traveling because I get a better vibe of the location. It definitely makes me feel more like a local, like when we stayed in an Airbnb in Turks and Caicos."

So what else is on her list?

Bamboo House, Bali, Indonesia

Heritage Castle, Jaipur, India

Los Cabos Modern, Mexico

The Houdini Estate, California, USA

Off-Grid ItHouse, California, USA

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