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10 Amazing Places To See Before They Completely Disappear

No thanks to man-made pollution.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/labottega_official, (RIGHT) Instagram/holidaystrips

The sad truth is that unless it’s directly affecting you, you probably won’t give a shit about a specific issue; that’s why most people don’t acknowledge the effects of global warming. But guess what? Some of the most beautiful places on Earth are slowly disappearing because of how little we care about the environment:

1. The Maldives is slowly sinking.

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2. The same goes for Venice, Italy.

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3. The Seychelles is disappearing because of beach erosion.

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4. Patagonia’s glaciers are shrinking because of rising temperatures.

5. By 2050, there might not be any more glaciers in The Alps.

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6. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia could be completely gone by 2030.

7. Egypt’s pyramids are eroding.

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8. The world’s second-largest rainforest, Africa’s Congo Basin, could be gone by 2040.

9. In the last 40 years, The Dead Sea has sunk 80 feet.

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10. Tourism is killing The Galapagos Islands.

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