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Planning To Visit South Korea ~*Someday~*~? Here's Your *Ultimate* Travel Guide

Don't you just love daydreaming about South Korea? As K-culture fans, our wish list includes exploring the Land of the Morning Calm, apart from meeting our fave K-pop groups and K-drama oppas IRL. The idea of roaming the streets of Seoul on a spring day already makes us giddy and the trip is even more fun to imagine if it were to be spent with our BFFs!

Before you book that ticket for your *future* travel, it's always a must to plan things in detail—this includes your pre and post-flight documents, accommodation, itinerary, etc. For a no-hassle SoKor experience, opting for tour packages is your best bet. Although it's more expensive, there's no need for you to do a *lot* of research and paperwork because your travel agency will take care of everything. But if you're on a budget and you want the ~freedom~ to wander in SoKor anytime you want, you should go for DIY trip instead. It might be a little bit tedious yet it will be *super* fun because you can brainstorm with your friends and get lost in Seoul together!

Looking for a South Korea travel guide? We prepared it for you! Hallyu Content Creator ItsKatStyle shares her exciting eight days and seven nights itinerary with her high school barkada, with tips on how you can make the most out of your stay. She also included the amount you'll be spending and the popular K-drama filming locations you should visit. Time to manifest that dream, chingu!

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