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The Emotional Stages Of Planning A Vacation

Wait, the hotel costs HOW MUCH?!

1. A seat sale??? BOOK IT!!!

When you find a travel deal you can’t refuse, gather up all your friends, and ready that credit card. Book it immediately before someone else does! The whole booking process will feel exhilarating and even more exciting once you receive your confirmed itinerary.

2. Okay now, it’s time to plan! So many possibilities!


By now, daydreaming about your upcoming vacation is all you can do! Your mind is jumping from one thing to another—what OOTDs to pack, where you will go, what you will eat, where you will stay. There are just so many things to think of and you can’t contain your excitement!

3. Wait...the hotel costs how much?!

Okay, now comes the hassle of it all. You finally checked the rates of your dream hotel and the number of zeros on that price tag has shattered all your fancy hotel dreams. How will you take your well-planned out OOTDs with matching hotel backdrop photos now? Guess this other, cheaper, hotel will just have to do.

4. Hmm, how about itinerary—What to do? What to eat? Let me search some blogs...


INFORMATION OVERLOAD. You take train A to get to station B and then walk down what street? And how will you ever remember to even pronounce the name of that dish? Planning your day-to-day activities has become more stressful than you thought it would be.

5. I feel so relieved. Finally, I’m all done and everything is set.

You feel like you ran a marathon. But the good thing is, it’s all over. Flight: check! Hotel: check! Itinerary: check! You can finally relax and not have a thousand things running in your head about this trip. 

6. OMG it’s tomorrow, I can’t sleep. I’m so excited!

You are freaking out. One more sleep and you’ll be in the airport ready to go. You are so darn excited that you begin to cry and laugh at the same time, and everyone around you thinks you’re psycho, but you just don’t care. The trip you’ve been waiting for and planning for is finally within reach!

7. I’m finally here and it feels like HEAVEN.

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The place is beautiful and it is everything you imagined and more. 

8. This is so much fun! I don’t care how much this is all going to cost me!

You are loving every minute of your trip! Enjoying every bite, every new sight, and every addition to your wardrobe. For now, your credit card is a sacred piece of plastic with no responsibilities tied to it at all...

Until you get home. #PATAY


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