To Travel Light, Pack With A Color Capsule In Mind

Because it will make your life so much easier!
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In this digital age, packing your wardrobe for a trip has become as equally important as booking the trip itself. As any fashion girl would attest to, deciding what to bring in order to nail that #OOTD can be particularly taxing. Well, today things are looking up as we’ve discovered the perfect trick to whittling down your obscenely overstuffed luggage.

Cosmopolitan Philippines' fashion director and top stylist Donna Cuna-Pita posted on her Instagram a simple yet highly effective formula to figuring out what to take and what to leave behind when packing for a trip—without jeopardizing style, of course.

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"Leaving for Taiwan tomorrow! I always travel with a color capsule so everything goes with each other and getting dressed is easy peasy. I have the basics (in this case black, white, gray, and denim) plus one color accent (for this trip it's blush). I add more color accents if the trip is longer. Three basic outfits can be extended to nine outfits (or more) since everything matches!"

There you have it—no need to bring five coats that already take up half of your suitcase. All you need is an organized capsule wardrobe with a specific color scheme. Remember: Luggage space means more shopping!

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