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Travel Tips We Picked Up From Instagram

Pre-select your #OOTDs.

1. Pre-select your OOTDs.

Think of it this way: You only have one chance to nail that OOTD! Apart from it being one less problem to worry about, this should also save you extra baggage allowance that would come in handy for the fruits of your shopping labor after the trip.

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2. Choose stylish yet comfy shoes that would go well with your pre-selected OOTDs.

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Like your classic black Converse sneakers or your white Adidas Superstars. You can’t bring your entire shoe closet with you, obviously, so pick a pair or two that you can easily style in many different ways. Neutrals usually do the trick.

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3. Be mindful of your batteries.

Don’t let a drained battery keep you from documenting your IG-worthy adventure. Fully charge your phone and your camera before stepping out of your hotel room. Even better if you carry along a power bank, too.

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