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10 Trips For Every Stage Of Your Life

From when you're broke to when you've finally made it.
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If you can only go on 10 trips in your life, which places would you visit? It’s an extremely difficult question, we know, but life is full of hard choices. Coming up are our recommendations:

1. After your high school graduation: Boracay

Every girl should visit Boracay at least once in her life, and there’s no better time to do so than right after your high school graduation. Visiting the island with your barkada to bum on the beach and party like there’s no tomorrow is a guarantee that you’ll be friends forever. ;)

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2. After your college graduation: Palawan 

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Spend your last summer vacay before entering the ~*real world*~ in Palawan, where you’ll gain a better appreciation of the Philippines. See the Underground River; live it up in El Nido; relax in Honda Bay; venture out to Coron; and check out the restaurant scene in Puerto Princesa.

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3. First international trip: Hong Kong or Singapore

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For your first time out of the Philippines, pick a nearby, visa-free destination with a good balance of culture and modernity. You can’t go wrong with either Hong Kong or Singapore. With amusement parks, excellent shopping options, clean neighborhoods, cultural attractions, and a public transportation system we really wish we could replicate in Manila, they give us a glimpse of what the Philippines could’ve been.

4. For your 25th birthday: Japan

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There’s a good reason why Japan is on everyone’s bucket list: The scenery is amazing, the culture is incredible, the people are so kawaii, and the food…we can go on forevs. A trip here can drain your wallet, though, so start saving up for it ASAP!

5. First trip with the boyfriend: Davao

One of the easiest ways to know if your man’s a keeper is if you can go on trips together without wanting to strangle each other. Davao’s a great place to make new memories if neither of you has been there before. See the Philippine Eagles up close; try the stinky but tasty durian; and frolic on the pristine shores of Samal Island.

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6. First local solo trip: Cebu

The idea of traveling alone can be daunting, but it’s not as lonely as it seems! Cebu is an excellent choice for your first solo trip. It’s well connected, so you can totally hop on to Negros or Bohol for more adventures!

7. First international solo trip: Thailand

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Exploring a new country on your own is an empowering, exciting experience every girl shouldn’t miss out on. For your first solo trip abroad, Thailand is a great option. See the temples, and go shopping in Bangkok. Make your way down south to Phuket for some fun under the sun. You can also check out Pai and Chiang Mai for a more laid-back adventure. And since it’s one of the leading backpacker hotspots in the world, you’re bound to meet several other solo travelers (maybe even a hottie!) while you’re there!

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8. The only mountain you need to hike: Mt. Pulag

Every girl (even the most tamad ladies out there) should try climbing a mountain at least once in her life. Yes, it’s tiring, and your legs will be killing you for days after your climb, but that sense of pride you’ll get upon reaching the summit is irreplaceable. If you can only climb one mountain, make it Mt. Pulag. With several trails for all experience levels plus an amazing summit view, it’s a must-visit destination for non-hikers and experienced trekkers alike.

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9. The trip you should take with your lifelong partner: Europe

Spending your honeymoon in Paris might not be the most original thing, but come on, it’s the City of Love! If you’ve had your fill of France, you can head to other equally romantic countries like Italy and Greece, or you can explore Hungary, Poland, Croatia, and the other countries in Eastern Europe to veer slightly off the tourist track. Got more cash to burn? Head to the Nordic countries to see the Northern Lights for a trip you’ll never forget.

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10. The trip you should take after a promotion: USA

Securing a U.S. visa isn’t the easiest thing to do, so to maximize your chances of getting approved, make sure you have a stable job before applying. You’ll really need to save up and prepare for it, but the trip will be absolutely worth it. 

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